Combining mature technology, oil based inks along with innovative features, the high resolution printer helps organizations to increase packaging line flexibility and also cut costs with near zero maintenance requirements.

It is crucial and plays utmost importance when it comes to printing intricate information like barcodes and fine printing. The High resolution printer offers graphics and logos, real-time and sequential number printing capabilities, and barcodes amongst others at a faster print speed which improves the efficiency.

In order to produce barcode, the batch code printing machine requires high resolution inkjet printing. With the high resolution inkjet printer, the operator can optimize the printing process and ought to meet the objective of the application, budget and, throughout. Due to the user-level control, the  machine assists in eliminating errors.

The High Resolution printing machine also offers horizontal as well as vertical print-head orientation. This feature helps in printing barcodes on the sides of objects like shipper crates and also top down on flat products like plywood and laminate sheets proving it to be multi-functional for barcode as well as for the packaging.

With a varied number of printing options available, data matrix codes, text, graphics, real-time and sequential numbering is no longer a task. This High Resolution printer makes use of the time-tested drop on demand technology, due to only few moving parts in the machine, the odds of errors and failures are significantly minimized, hence it is easier to print finer details on packaging and barcodes with a high resolution printer.

Control Print’s High Resolution printer boasts of having 382 individual nozzles that enables 180 dpi resolution along with other features. The printer is ideal for crisp printing, clear visibility and scan-able barcodes. With the High resolution, the variable information can be easily printed on generic packages, containers as well as on shipper cartons. Since High Resolution printer uses oil-based ink, it doesn’t get dried up in the print head unlike some water-based and solvent-based inks.

The High resolution printers are one of the most user friendly printers available, there is no complicated startup or shut down procedures. The user-interface is similar to that of the smart-phone which eliminates any complication. With centralized message creation, the majority of coding errors are eliminated, since the messages are created and validated by authorized personnel on a central computer. The operator also has the access control that prevents untrained users of the machine from accidentally causing problems.

If the primary objective is to get a printer for barcode printing, it is essential to invest in the High Resolution printer. The two most important factors to consider while choosing a printer for barcodes are resolution and the durability of the printer, with a High resolution printer, these are a given. 

With these offering in High Resolution Printer, the printing of barcodes can directly be done onto cartons and surfaces which cuts down the steps in the packaging process.