Thermal Inkjet Printer

Reliable, zero-maintenance and breakdown-free inkjet coder. The ideal solution for high-resolution printing for the pharmaceutical industry and the printer of choice for shipper carton coding.

Key advantages

Virtually maintenance free

Cartridge-based technology makes the Control Print TIJ virtually maintenance free.

99.9% uptime

In the case of printer failure, you only need to replace the cartridge to get the printer running again – a process that takes less than a minute.

Highly cost-effective

Cartridge-based technology makes TIJ one of our most cost-effective inkjet coding machines. The only thing you need to buy are new cartridges.

High-resolution prints for premium look

With print resolution up to 600dpi, TIJ, the best inkjet printer for batch coding, delivers high quality prints that bring out the best elements of your products.

Virtually Maintenance-Free With Near 100% Uptime

Cartridge-based technology eliminates downtime and maintenance requirements

Cartridge-based technology makes the Control Print TIJ virtually maintenance and failure-free. Cartridges typically contain most of the parts prone to failure, including the print head and ink system.

With TIJ you only need to replace the ink cartridge with a new one to get the printer running again, a procedure that takes less than a minute.

Benefits of This “Snap in – Snap out” Technology

Near 100% Uptime

In the unlikely event of printer failure, you only need to replace the cartridge to get the printer running again. Go from printer failure to printing in 30 seconds.

Highly Cost-Effective

With no maintenance contracts, filters or spares to buy, TIJ is one of our most cost-effective printers.

No maintenance requirements

Eliminates practically all maintenance requirements – no printhead cleaning or filter replacements.

No Startup/Shutdown Procedures

No long startup or shutdown procedures – simply switch the printer on and off.

Extremely Simple To Use

The printer is ready to use immediately after installing the cartridge – making it easy to use even for semi-skilled labor.

Suitable for Seasonal Businesses

Suitable for long shutdowns typical in seasonal businesses.

High-Quality Prints For Premium Look

With print resolution up to 600dpi, TIJ delivers high quality prints that look crisp and compliment display packaging

Crisp looking logos and symbols

Ideal for printing a lot of information on small spaces

Highly scannable linear barcodes and datamatrix barcodes

TIJ mini sample
TIJ mini sample
TIJ mini sample
TIJ mini sample
TIJ mini sample
TIJ mini sample

Our Most Cost-Effective Printer

Cartridge-based technology keeps costs under control and within budget

Cartridge-based technology makes TIJ one of our most cost-effective printers. The only thing you need to buy are new cartridges, much like in desktop printers.

No maintenance contracts

No maintenance contracts or service calls, because there’s really nothing to fix.

No spares to buy

No filters or spaces, they are all part of the cartridge.

Cost comparison for medium printing volumes

TIJ vs Valva Jet

Cost comparison for high printing volumes

TIJ vs valve jet

Competitive pricing

Competitive printer and cartridge pricing.

Balance resolution and costs

Variety of printing resolutions from 300 x 600 dpi to 300 x 75 dpi for optimal balance between print quality and running costs.

Patent-Pending High Capacity Cartridge Cuts Printing Costs By Further 45%

Our proprietary, 230 ml cartridges have several advantages over standard 42 ml cartridges.

45% lower printing costs

Large capacity brings costs down

Less hassle for operators

Larger capacity means fewer cartridge replacements and less hassle for the operators 

Fewer rejects

Fewer faded prints and rejects due to ink running low


Touchscreen with visual interface for ease of use

The TIJ is equipped with a large touchscreen and visual user interface that make it easy for new operators to instantly get comfortable with the machine. 

Automatic Purging Keeps Prints Looking Fresh – Even After Extended Breaks

Sometimes your production line may be forced to take an extended break. Ink deposits build in the print head, causing poor quality initial prints when the printer is started again. Our unique purging system periodically cleans dried ink and accumulated dust and debris from the printhead, resulting in clean and crisp prints right from the get go – even after extended breaks.
Pankaj Rai
Production Manager
TIJ multi head installation

When using solvent-based inks

Built-in product sensor for easy installation and reliability

Control Print TIJ comes with a built-in product sensor. This makes installation and line integration easier, while cutting costs.

More importantly, because the built-in sensor is always properly calibrated and aligned, your operators don’t have to worry about sensor alignment – one of the most frequent sources of poor quality or missed prints.


TIJ mini - Sensor
Thermal inkjet printer

User level control eliminates coding errors

Coding errors are never more than a typo away, and in fast-moving production lines a simple operator error can lead to hundreds of rejects.

User-level control technology removes message creation from the factory floor and eliminates the vast majority of coding errors. Messages are created and validated by authorized personnel on a central computer. The operator only has to choose the message from the message database and start the job.

User level control can further restrict access to service functions to trained service personnel and prevent untrained users from accidentally causing problems.

Options for easy integration

The TIJ is extremely easy to integrate into most production lines. Print several lines of text while meeting statutory 4 or 6mm print height requirements.

  • Small footprint allows integration even into tight spaces
  • Supports multi-print head installations
  • Features RS485 port for communication with the print head
  • Graphics and logos downloadable via memory cards
TIJ mini
TIJ mini - Triple Head

Top class print performance

  • 12.7mm print height, or 25.4mm with dual-head installations
  • Print resolution up to 300 x 600 dpi
  • Print speeds up to 60m/min with high resolution

Standard printing functions include:

  • Linear barcodes
  • Data matrix barcodes
  • Automatic date/time functions
  • Numbering
  • Graphics and logos
TIJ mini - Triple Head
Multiple Head Installation