In Thermal Inkjet Printers, tiny resistors create heat, and this heat vaporizes ink to create a bubble. As the bubble expands, some of the ink is pushed out of a nozzle onto the substrate, when the bubble pops a vacuum is created. A typical bubble jet print head has 300 or 600 tiny nozzles, and all of them can fire a droplet simultaneously. 

The Thermal inkjet printing process is much simpler than continuous inkjet printers. This inkjet coder can create a high-quality print for many years without maintenance. In addition to the convenience of using the Thermal Inkjet printers for maintenance, the total cost of ownership is also lower. The recent addition of inks for thermal technology now prints on films, flexible packaging, cardboard, and corrugated surfaces with a glossy finish. 

Control Print’s Thermal inkjet coder is based on Thermal Inkjet Technology. It is easy to use, maintenance-free and suitable for various basic and advanced coding applications. 

Read on to understand the features of this technology


● The Thermal Inkjet Printer is the easiest to set up.

● It can be integrated into almost any production line without having to modify anything. 

● It can be easily set up onto a line, a bench or can be mounted on a wall. 

Versatility of substrate 

● The Thermal Inkjet printers can be used to print on porous substrates including paper, cardboard, sponge, untreated wood and also on some semi-porous and non-porous materials. 

High Speed And High-Resolution Printing 

● The Inkjet batch coding machine provides high-speed printing for the fastest production environment. 

● It can attain high speed at 60 meters per minute at high resolution. 

● A maximum print resolution of 600dpi can be achieved which is more than enough to ensure quality barcodes. 

● The inherent superiority of quality offers more printing opportunities. 

Easy Printing Changeover 

● Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet technology makes printing changeovers faster and cleaner.

● As a result, changing colour or changing ink formulations is as simple as swapping a cartridge, saving valuable production time for industrial printers. 

Printer Maintenance And Reliability 

● The Thermal Inkjet requires practically no annual maintenance 

● As printhead is cartridge-based in Thermal Inkjet systems, much less service is required compared to other printing solutions. 

No Operating Skill Required 

● The Thermal inkjet coding printer doesn’t require skilled operators to run, it has a straightforward user guide and hence no operator training is required.  

● This reduces the overall cost of maintaining Thermal Inkjet Printer

● It has a large touchscreen display which has an inbuilt graphical interface. 

Environmental Impact and Sustainability 

● When it comes to the ecological impact of inkjet printing operations, Thermal Inkjet Printer systems significantly outperforms every other system. 

● This coder printer uses inks that do not pose environmental hazards.

Minimises Uptime 

● Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer can start and stop almost instantly, offering the convenience of intermittent operation or easy changes. 

● As cartridge replacement leads to replacement of printhead and ink delivery systems, replacement time is shortened resulting in high-performance levels. 

Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer is the most versatile coding solution, which gives a variety of coding applications on a real-time basis such as date, price, batch linear and data matrix barcodes, logos and graphics. 

It can serve various industries such as pharmaceutical, food, packaging and personal care. For further details about the inkjet coder, visit the website at