CPL brings operational experience accrued over 30 years at the top end of the Indian coding and marking field to each of our customers. We have a highly skilled workforce and two factories operating at full capacity. Our representatives tailor their purchase advice based on your needs as a customer. Quite simply, CPL is South Asia’s flagship coding and marking company.


We want to give you the absolute best support possible. We keep our databases constantly updated so that our 300+ factory-trained field engineers are able to deliver efficiency and customer care to all our customers.

Control Print - Service Network Map


We offer a variety of service contracts so you can decide what suits your business most. When you call upon our on-field experts for help, any foreseeable costs are already taken care of so that your productivity is not affected. This eliminates additional expenses such as spare parts and so on.

CPL believes in customisation and individual attention for all our customers: we maintain detailed histories of each client and their respective business needs. We will provide a complete schedule of service and training as well.



Equipment lasts longer when it’s handled by trained personnel. To this end, CPL offers operational and maintenance training for your team, so that they can help you get the maximum out of our products. Our field experts equip your team with the tools and the knowhow necessary for optimum maintenance levels. These trainings are available in three different formats:

  1. We organise regular full-day workshops and seminars at locations throughout the India.
  2. Factory-level training can be delivered through our technical expert at our Nalagarh facility.
  3. We can conduct periodical training sessions at your site, for operator or full factory-level training.