Control Print manufactures the widest range of inkjet fluids, ribbons, and ink rolls in order to meet even the most specialized customer applications. Local manufacturing means we can offer consumables at competitive and stable prices that are protected from exchange rate fluctuations.

Stable And Competitive Prices

As the only local manufacturer in India, we can offer inks that meet international standards at competitive and stable prices. With total capacity of over 1 Lakh liters per month, we can leverage economies of scale to deliver competitive prices. Furthermore, our inks prices aren’t subject to constant exchange rate fluctuations, resulting in stable prices over time.

Ink price development between 2011 and 2016

We believe in creating long-term relationships and repaying the trust placed on us by our customers. We price fluids and other consumables fairly and don't constantly increase prices. This results in stable and predictable costs for our customers.
Rajiv Satija
Rajiv Satija
National Service and Sales Manager

Inks For All Possible Applications

With ink range is 4 to 5 times greater than our nearest competitor, we are confident we can meet all of your printing requirements, no matter how difficult.

A variety of high performance pigmented inks for challenging applications

Fuel resistant inks in black and pigmented white

Heat curing inks in black and pigmented white

High temperature resistant inks in black and pigmented white

Non-hazardous inks for food and pharmaceutical applications

Covert, security inks such as UV fluorescencent inks