Every industry requires printing and marking solutions catering to their specific requirement and so does the Pipe industry. Coding and printing on pipes play a significant role in the pipe manufacturing process ensuring there is proper pipe identification. The coding also helps to differentiate the product from various other manufacturers. Pipes can be metal or plastic and therefore, the manufacturer must choose wisely as to which printing technology would be ideal for their needs.

It is essential that the printing and marking solutions used are intact throughout the life of the pipes. The printing solution used must be such that it has zero damage to the pipes. Marking on the pipe manufacturing industry includes pipe information such as the diameter, wall thickness, temperature and pressure rating, compliance of standard, identification code barcodes and company logo to name a few.

Control Print offers a wide range of options available to choose from with regards to the pipes coding and marking, however, our experts highly recommend the Continuous Inkjet Printers.

Continuous Inkjet technology is one of the most versatile printers and is an apt choice for various industries and capable of marking most substrates. Moreover, the Continuous Inkjet Printer is the simplest and affordable of all the other available printers used in coding and marking solutions. The working of Control Print’s Neo Printer is simple and also ensures a continuous flow of ink by pushing liquid ink through a gun body and a microscopic nozzle through a high-pressure pump.

Control Print’s technology also eliminates the probability of any harm caused to the product during the process of printing. Whether your printing requirements demands an occasional or daily scope of work, the NEO technology is the optimum choice even to be used in harsh environments.

Graphic printing, barcodes, etc can be easily accomplished without actually damaging the product. NEO works best on any kind of surface be it curved, flat or textured. Following are its salient features.

Read on to understand how Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer is an ideal choice for the Pipes industry:

  • The NEO technology is designed to be user-friendly, it can be operated easily by any worker as no special training is required to operate this printer.
  • Continuous Inkjet Printer is equipped with an IP65 enclosure, the coder is built to be ‘dust tight’ and also protected against water from the nozzle.
  • Control Prints Continuous Inkjet Printer requires minimal maintenance, it comes with innovative features that require a minimum level of maintenance and downtime.
  • The Continuous Inkjet Printer offers a print in local languages for connecting with the audience.
  • One of the most affordable printers available in the market with the cost of ownership is low. Control Print provides the most competitive pricing compared to other brands. They have all-inclusive maintenance contracts that bring down the cost of ownership.
  • If you are looking for superior quality in terms of marking and coding solutions requirements for the pipes industry, Continuous Inkjet Printer is the ideal technology.

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