Breweries and Distilleries

State regulations governing printed information vary from state to state: this is one of the key coding and marking related challenges for breweries and distilleries. Companies shipping products to a large number of states require flexible solutions to satisfy these different regulations.

A humid environment and condensation build-up results in special demands on both machines and inks used in breweries and distilleries.

Our advantages in breweries and distilleries industry include

IP65 rated construction

Fully waterproof machines that can work reliably in environments of high humidity and can be hosed during a line wash down.

Easy to use and maintain machines

We designed our printers from the ground up keeping Indian climate and infrastructural conditions in mind. Our intuitive user interface is available in major Indian languages. Low maintenance requirements make our printers easy to use, while minimizing dependency on skilled technical labour.

Beer Bottles

Government regulations restrict operating hours for Indian breweries. To maximize production, breweries often run at peak capacity, leaving little room for coding errors or unscheduled coder downtime.

Beer Bottles

Our advantages in beer bottles application include

Highly reliable solutions

Depending on coding technology, we can guarantee 99% to 99.9% uptime.

High-speed solutions

With some of the fastest printers in the industry, we can match the high line speeds common in beer bottling lines while maintaining superb print quality.

Small footprint coders

Easy to integrate even into production lines where space is at a premium.

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Much like with bottles, beer canning lines run at high speeds and require high-speed coding solutions. The statutory requirement is for code to be printed on the curved surface at the bottom of every can. Since cans are often shipped to different states, companies need flexible printing solutions that can print in the required languages.

Our advantages in beer canning lines application include

Flexibility to print in any language

Our printers allow printing in all Indian languages, as well as the vast majority of the world’s languages.

Industry leading print performance

With its 50mm throw distance, our continuous inkjet printer ensures quality code even on highly curved surfaces. The long throw distance allows the print head to be installed at a slight angle, which prevents ink from dropping back onto it when printing onto the bottom of the cans. This significantly reduces cleaning and maintenance requirements. Industry benchmarking speed ensures that the printer keeps up with fast moving canning lines.

Condensation resistant inks

We carry several inks that resist the build-up of condensation after printing.

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Liquor Bottles

Print contrast and visibility on dark or multi-colored labels is another crucial coding-related challenge in liquor bottling lines.

Liquor Bottles

Our advantages in liquor bottles application include

Performance with pigmented inks

Our inkjet printers contain several innovative features that allow them to run reliably even on faster speeds, while using pigmented inks.

High contrast inks

We carry several inks that provide the necessary contrast against both light and dark labels. This eliminates the need for separate printers for dark and light labels if both are produced on the same line.

Industry leading print performance

With a 50mm throw distance, our continuous inkjet printer ensures a good quality code even on curved or irregular surfaces.

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Aseptic Packages

Aseptic Packages

Our advantages in aseptic packages application include

High-speed printers

Precision engineered printers that can keep up even with the fastest TetraPak lines.

Specialized inks

CPL carries inks formulated to adhere to laminated surfaces and resist condensed water.

Protect package integrity

Aside from ink-based printers, we also offer specialized laser coders that don’t affect package integrity.

High uptime solutions

Even a brief period of downtime on packaging lines proves very costly. Our highly reliable printers will run under even harsh conditions. Preventive maintenance focus during operator training and our comprehensive service network ensures that downtime is minimized.

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Flexible Packaging

Some states allow small quantities of alcohol to be sold in pouches and flexible packages. For such operations our thermal ink coders offer good value for money. Robust and highly economical, they are ideal for cost sensitive operations.

Flexible Packaging

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Shipper Carton

Shipper Cartons

Our advantages in shipper cartons application include

Cost competitive solutions

To minimize per code costs

Easy to use, for people of all skill levels

All machines come equipped with a large touchscreen and an intuitive, graphical user interface. The interface supports English and the major Indian languages, making things easier for operators who don’t understand English. These features allow new users to learn the machine quickly and drastically reduces time required to train new operators.

Generic coding solutions

High-resolution carton coders reduce the need to stock preprinted cartons and allow the printing of bar codes and additional information online.

Integrated weight scale

Allows printing of exact carton weight during the packing process, thus increasing supply chain transparency and reducing product theft.

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