With manufacturers ramping up the production of face masks since the outbreak of COVID-19, it is essential to ensure that the printing on the masks is detailed and easy to read. With Face masks becoming an inseparable accessory, Control Print has been printing the fine details on the face filters with Thermal Inkjet Printer’s technology for The Mask Lab. These masks are manufactured in an environment that prevents the introduction of additional particulate matter to the products and therefore, the printer of choice must also adhere to these guidelines. 

The Mask Lab delivers the highest value of personal protection to ensure the safety of people, therefore, it is of utmost importance to have high quality prints that bring out the best elements of the products. 

Coding mandatory details like the batch number, class along with the logo on these masks needs precision and fine detailing, therefore the printer used for the process plays a crucial role. 

Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer is the ideal printer for this, read on to find out more. 

  • The Thermal Inkjet Printer offers print resolution up to 600 dpi and therefore, it is the best inkjet printer for batch coding 
  • With cartridge based technology, it is one of the cost-effective printers
  • This printer is equipped with a large touchscreen and visual user interface that make it easy for new operators to instantly get comfortable with the machine. 
  • Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer comes with a built in sensor that makes the installation and line integration easier along with cutting costs. 
  • This technology also offers user level control that eliminates coding errors in fast-moving product lines like coding details on face-masks 
  • Offers the option to print several lines of text while also meeting statutory 4 or 6mm height requirements. 
  • The Thermal Inkjet Printer supports multi head installations and small footprint allows integration even into tight spaces. 
  • Since this printer is ideal for printing a lot of small information on small spaces, it is an ideal choice for the pharmaceutical industry. 
  • When it comes to printer failure, with Thermal Inkjet Printer, the manufacturer only needs to replace the cartridge to get the printer running again. This process takes less than a minute

With these qualities of Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer, it is an ideal solution and a preferred choice for high-resolution printing and coding on the masks. 

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