When it comes to printing and packaging, the food and beverages industry is different from any other industry. This industry deals with perishable products, hence the traceability and visibility of the product throughout the supply chain reaching the customer is the priority. Keeping up with the changes in regulatory compliance calls for specialised solutions. Increasing demand for traceability within the food industry requires best in quality of labels.

With the Thermal Transfer Overprinter, tainted or spoiled food products can be easily traced, returned and replaced. This eliminates waste of time, money and unnecessary legal suits. 

In the world of printers, Thermal Transfer Overprinter is one of its kind. It uses a digital printing method in which the material is applied to the surface by melting a coating of ribbon so that it stays glued to the printing surface. This printer is ideal for surfaces that are heat sensitive, since it also provides the durability of the print. 

The procedure used in Thermal Transfer Overprinting is simple. It requires the heating of ink on the ink ribbon so that it’s deposited onto the substrate as it passes through the printer. Once the ink is deposited on this substrate, it dries quickly. Best in the result of the formation of data such as bar codes, texts, numbering, to name a few.

Thermal Transfer Overprinters are equipped with fast processing controlled directly through the software. This software aids in creating a piece of printing information which in turn makes each product unique. The compatibility of the coder print with a wide range of surface and media makes it the most sought after printer. The perfect combination of the ink ribbon and the selected label material increases the quality and durability.

The Control Print provides you with a wide range of coding and marking solutions. They understand the importance of an uninterrupted production line and strive hard to bring forth a reliable range of printers to ease your printing solutions. Equipped with state of art batch code printing machines which utilizes the latest technology, the batch-coding printers are designed and engineered keeping in mind the unique working conditions in India.

The technology used in their Thermal Transfer Overprinter is pretty simple, the thermal printhead with ceramic resistors are selectively heated to transfer the desired image from the coated ribbon directly onto the substrate.

Read on to product specifications of Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter: 

  • The technology used is highly dependable technology that requires no maintenance at all. In case of any unlikely event of any issues, the simple change of print head would do.
  • Thermal Transfer Overprinter is most suitable for the generic coding application. It also caters to those printing solutions that require a large amount of information such as ingredients labels. 
  • Thermal Transfer Overprinter  uses simple technology that can be operated without technical training. Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers print resolution up to 300dpi, delivering high-quality prints which are ideal for the food and beverage industry. 
  • The ink-ribbons used for printing are food-packaging-safe and  suitable for most coding requirements

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