The importance of High-resolution printing technology cannot be overstated in the industrial printing scenario. If one requires to print industry-level graphics or markings, you need a printer that can give you high-quality pictures and text. Clarity is key when it comes to marking items in a way that looks professional and legible. This is why high-resolution printers cater to inevitable requirements for many businesses. 

The high-resolution industrial marking systems ensure that printing has precision in character. From boxes to cases, these printers mark a wide range of products of various substrates. The features of Control Print’s batch-coding printing machine include excellent printing capabilities, a full range of fonts, custom logo generation, and many more. 

Control Print offers high-resolution printing technology-based printers for manufacturers who are looking for a clearer, smoother printing job.

Here are seven advantages of selecting High-Resolution technology printers:

High-Quality Printing 

● Control Print’s batch coder helps to print high-quality graphics, logos, barcodes, 2D codes, real-time information, and text directly on the production line. 

● It’s the most versatile printing solution.
● The 382 individual nozzles in a 53.7mm swathe enable printing at 180 dpi resolution. 

● These printers can handle a multitude of printing functions with ease.

Flexibility In Operation 

● Marking and coding requirements keep on changing and one must adhere to the recent rules and regulations. 

● Having a printing solution that can perform multiple functions is always a good investment.
● Control Print’s High-Resolution printing technology printers can be used for many applications.

● Easy to set up and integrate on almost any production line. 

● The best part is no additional cost is required to be incurred.

Durability And Reliability 

● This inkjet coding technology uses oil-based ink which does not dry easily. 

● The oil-based ink combined with piezo DOD technology provides longevity in printhead life.
● Each print head lasts approximately 3 to 4 years, with practically no failures. Increased uptime boosts productivity. 

● Hence, they are more durable than other printing solutions available in the market


● This high-resolution printing system is user-friendly, moreover, they are best in terms of accuracy. 

● The batch coder is built to work with complex and variable sets of data that packaging now requires.

● It can be controllable with any Windows-based PC. 

● Any errors can easily be rectified before printing.


● Control Print’s High-Resolution technology-based printer is the most efficient machine.
● It comes with a large 12 inches touchscreen display with a WYSIWYG graphic interface.
● This is also the simplest and most user-friendly batch-coding printing machine. 

● With no shutdown or start-up time and rare printer failures, jobs can run smoothly and can be completed within a much shorter time.

Low Cost Of Ownership: 

● With fewer moving parts in the system, the hazard of system failure is minimized. This ensures low maintenance requirements and no operating cost. 

● Moreover, no specific training is required to run this. 

● Minimal specialized support is required for operation and maintenance.

Zero Maintenance: 

● No printhead cleaning, filter replacement, or other maintenance is required. 

● Automatic purging and priming techniques eliminate ink wastages. 

● High ink tank capacity gives you a long time between refills.

With over 30 years of operational experience in the Indian coding and marking industry, many more innovative technologies are brought to you by Control Print. We recommend going through the product catalogue or reaching out to us for any queries. For further details, visit the website at 

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