Choosing the ideal coding and marking solutions for your business can help you save money, ensure quality control and consistency and even make your factory space more efficient. But how do you choose the right system? The ideal solution for any production line is Continuous Inkjet Printers. 

This inkjet coder works on the principle of expelling ink from the print nozzles in a continuous, steady flow. Continuous Inkjet Printer is ultra-flexible when it comes to application. It’s a “non-contact” form of coding, which means the print head could be distant from the substrate, allowing flexible coding, especially if the substrate is curved or in a non-consistent position towards the print head. 

For many technologies, material handling needs to be extremely precise. Continuous Inkjet Printer has an in-built error detection system, making it a perfect coding solution, fit for many applications and substrates. Continuous Inkjet Printers are among the oldest printing technologies still in use today and frequently used in these demanding situations where reliability, speed and flexibility are needed. There are several benefits and advantages of CIJ printers, which is why so many companies rely on the technology.

Among Inkjet coding printers, Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printers are the preferred choice. They are simple to install, extremely versatile, and able to print on a variety of product materials. These printers deliver outstanding coding on a wide range of products and substrates. Some common applications include bottles, cans, sachets, films and foil, pipes, cable and wire. In addition, there is no coding technology with more available inks than the Control Print’s inkjet printer, making it easy to find the perfect ink for your application. 

It is suitable for many industries such as cosmetics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, construction and other industrial sectors present for some of the most demanding coding and marking challenges. 

Read on to find about more advantages of Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printers


● It has a very high velocity of the ink droplets that permits a greater distance between the print head and substrate. 

● A high-pressure pump directs liquid ink from a reservoir through a nozzle, creating a continuous stream of ink droplets.

● This high frequency of drop ejection allows for very high-speed printing. 

Simple And Reliable Solution 

● Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printers are simple and reliable solutions. 

● Can be used to mark or code on almost any material, at any speed and orientation. 

● It can efficiently print date codes, lot codes, logos, and barcodes 

● The printing solution can apply the text to a variety of substrates that include metal, glass, wood, plastic, paper and more.


● Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet printers can run for many hours before requiring service which lowers costs. 

● In most high-pressure environments, continuous inkjet printers are reliable and cost-effective.

A varied range of inks 

● A variety of ink is available that offers low evaporation and a wide range of colours. 

● With fast dry times, control Print’s Continuous Inkjet printers provide an ideal solution for fast-moving production lines.

The Continuous Inkjet Printer and other coding and marking solutions are brought to you by Control Print Limited, an Indian company with industrial experience for more than 30 years. 

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