For many years, the Continuous Inkjet Printer has been the most popular technology used to add information such as date and time, serialization codes, Datamatrix, and other codes to metal cans and bottles.

Beverages and drinks are a significant growth industry, and the demand for canned products has increased over the years. These products come in a wide range of packaging from steel and aluminum cans to even glass bottles. However, with the recent developments in laser coding technology, the Laser Printer has become the choice of printer for most manufacturers as it requires minimal maintenance while also reducing operating costs. This laser technology offers unique marking options for specific metal canning applications and glass bottles.

The Laser Printer boasts of several characteristics that make it an ideal solution for printing and coding on bottles and cans. This technology has emerged as an innovative way to handle the growing demands faced in the Beverage Industry.

Wondering how Control Print’s Laser Printer is a viable solution for coding on bottles and cans? Read on to find out more.

  • Control Print’s Laser Printer comes with CO2 Modular Technology that is powerful and designed to meet the most demanding coding requirements.
  • The Laser Printer can be used for marking and coding requirements on paper, cardboard, glass, as well as plastic; therefore, it is the most preferred technology for industrial and packaging manufacturers.
  • This technology offers a wide range of power and speed and other optional features that ensure delivery of the best results to the brand and manufacturer.
  • Due to its extremely reliable coding at high speeds, the Laser Printer delivers an industry-leading 99.9% uptime.
  • This Laser Printer technology is IP-54 rated, making it both dust-tight and water-resistant; therefore, it is suitable for a standard industrial operating environment and can also be hosed down during a regular line washing too.
  • Since cans and bottles usually fall under the FMCG or Beverage Industry, the hygiene standards set are high. Control Print’s Laser Printer can meet even the strictest hygiene standards.
  • Equipped with premium lenses and a Vibration Compensation System, the printer ensures high resolution marking even on high-speed construction lines.
  • With no inks, there is nothing to clog or clean and it is mess-free.

The Laser Printer is an ideal solution in industries where every minute of downtime results in a significant loss of capacity. The combination offered in this technology, of high speed and unbeatable uptime, makes the Laser Printer ideal for capacity-limited industries.

With Control Print’s technology, this laser batch coding machine is a more functional investment compared to any other equipment. With versatility and connectivity in this machine, printing on curved or irregular surfaces and the option of 3D printing on packaging becomes easier.

When it comes to the servicing of the batch coding machine, Control Print’s technicians can even reset the machine remotely. To learn more, visit our website: