With the consistent growth in the food industry, the packaged food requirements have steadily increased across the globe. This only means, the manufacturing date, expiry date, barcodes, traceability, ingredient and other information printed on the packaging need to be clear and accurate to avoid errors. This is most relevant for the baking industry that is one of the most diverse sub-sectors in the Food and Beverage industry.

The baked goods like bread, ready-to-eat pastries, cookies and biscuits may have a shorter shelf life, however, the demand for these products is relatively high and therefore are produced in high volumes. All these baked products have different packaging depending on their consumption, some are in the flow pouches, carton boxes while others in food pouches and plastic packaging, therefore, applying codes on them can be tricky and challenging. Due to this, the coding area where the data needs to be printed varies from product to product.

Another challenge faced by the manufacturers is to maintain and follow the strict hygiene requirements, which is a task as most of the bakeries have dust, particles of flour etc in the air that may damage the date coding machine.

Before making a purchasing decision for a new coder, it is crucial to understand that the features of the equipment meet the requirement of production. Control Print offers a variety of three technologies to choose from in overcoming the coding challenges faced in the baking industry.

Thermal Inkjet Printer is the foremost variant available that has a variety of features suitable for Baking Industry.

–      Cartridge based technology available in the Inkjet printer for batch coding keeps costs under control and within budget, it is one of the most cost-effective printers available. 

–      The standard printing function includes linear barcodes, data-matrix barcodes and numbering to name a few that ought to make coding on baking goods much easier.

–      Delivers high-quality prints that look crisp and compliment display packaging.

The next option available for meeting coding requirements in the baking industry is Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter.

–      Offers a range of food-packaging-safe ribbons for the wide variety of printing needs within the baking industry

–      Has a highly reliable technology that requires zero-maintenance and reduces the chances of a breakdown.

–      It is one of the excellent date printing equipment for the food and beverage industry as variable information can be printed by it.

The final choice of equipment ideal baking industry that is available at Control Print is the Continuous Inkjet Printer

–      The continuous Inkjet Printer is apt for printing in the language your market is most comfortable with and increase sales.

–      It has a rugged construction and therefore, the machine runs reliably even in the harshest conditions.

–      It is easy to use and offers the lowest cost of ownership

–      The date printing machine is able to meet even the strictest of hygiene standards With easy line integrations, these are the industry’s top three choices of machines available at Control Print to overcome coding challenges in the baking industry.