Cosmetic packaging is unique in many ways, from a variety of shapes, sizes, products and packaging. It differs from any other industrial packaging as it needs everything from the logo of the cosmetic company to the name of the ingredients that the product contains.

Continuously changing products according to the going trend, packaging types and updated printing solutions leads the manufactures to constantly search for supplies and the latest technology. In this dynamic cosmetic industry, partnering with technical experts who offer variable printing solutions is imperative.

Coding requirements for the cosmetic industry range from secondary case marking to the application of date and lot codes on primary packages. Control Print offers a wide range of solutions for various marking and coding – from the date and time stamps to bar codes, ingredients and graphics. Control Print provides flexible and cost-efficient solutions that deliver quality code and full traceability. It covers printing solutions on various pack formats and material types to help meet your customers’ needs.

The NEO machine based on continuous Inkjet technology is ideal for coding and marking solutions for the cosmetic industry. The Continuous Inkjet Printer can help maximise uptime between multiple stock-keeping unit codes by using quick error-free codes.

Read on to find out the product specifications below:

 ● Reliability: One of the key features of NEO is reliability, made of high-quality components to last longer. It is designed following the Indian industrial setup to withstand any harsh working conditions.

● Near Zero Maintenance: it comes equipped with battery backup options, this facilitates proper shutdown even during a power failure. The flap on the printhead and easy access to the nozzle enables complete printhead cleaning within minutes without having to remove or reposition the printhead from its mounting bracket.

● Rugged Construction: Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer is made of stainless steel design. It offers IP65 protection and gives an exceptional performance in even the harshest, high humidity and dustiest environment. The high-quality printhead used maximises the impact resistance and prevents its potential damage.

● Ease Of Use: Simple intuitive operation makes it easy to use by operators of any skill level. No prior training required to operate NEO, it has a 10.4 inches touchscreen display, which is totally user-friendly. It’s interactive, easy to use and has a graphical interface. You can select local and foreign languages for the touchscreen interface. It automatically detects the error and helps in smooth troubleshooting.

● Unmatched Performance: Merger of modern hardware, software and sturdy robust design creates unparalleled capabilities of NEO. The manufacturer can experience excellent print quality on any substrate even on highly curved, uneven and irregular surfaces. An unmatched speed of up to 460 meters per minute, expedites the production time. This machine is also capable of handling heavily pigmented inks such as colored, soft pigmented, food-grade, etc.

● High-Quality Printing: With 32-pixel resolution you can expect the best printing quality even for large-sized logos. You can select the character height ranging from 0.8mm to 20mm. The Continuous Inkjet Printer offers access to the full range of all local Indian languages as well as foreign languages. The NEO also provides a full range of single and two-dimensional codes, therefore makes it suitable for all kinds of variable data coding applications such as dates, logos, barcode, to name a few.

Manufactured by Control Print Limited, a company that has more than 30 years of experience in industrial marking and coding solutions, makes NEO the best choice for cosmetic marking and coding. For further details, you can visit the website at or contact them at +91 22 28599065