The chemical industry is different from any other industry as it deals with volatile and hazardous formulas, hence requiring specific packaging and handling. In this industry, the packaging is fabricated for extensive industrial usage such as in the transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals.

The packaging is a key component for chemical product \handling and safety. The packaging is tailor-made and is based on the classification of the products being transported, distributed or stored. As the raw chemical products are moved from one point to another in the supply chain, they need to be monitored. The precise location and their movements can be traced only when they are properly marked. 

Marking and coding solutions for the chemical industry are unique, the packaging has to be done according to the volatility and other characteristics of the chemical. 

While catering to the chemical industry, there are no set instructions with regards to the packaging material and therefore, the printing technology must cater to variable markings and coding solutions. 

Control Print Limited provides solutions that meet the broad range of challenges faced by the Chemical industry – from helping to reduce production costs by offering a lower cost of ownership, coders designed to code onto chemical products accurately at high speeds to flexible solutions providing chemical resistant coding. 

Control Print’s NEO, which is based on Continuous Inkjet Technology, is ideal for the chemical industry’s marking and coding solutions. 

Read on to know why this inkjet coder is the best solution for marking the chemical industry’s products.

High-Speed Printing 

● The NEO is based on continuous inkjet technology that centres around creating a pressurised and continuous stream of ink. 

● With 460 meters per minute, high-speed printing can be easily achieved with the Continuous Inkjet Printer 


● Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer can reliably deliver legible codes day after day even under the pressure of fast, continuous operation. 

● Robust design using high-quality components makes it last for a long period. 

Simple maintenance 

● The flap on the printhead and easy access to the nozzle allows for complete cleaning within two minutes without any removal or repositioning of the printhead from its mounting bracket. 

● This inkjet coder requires almost no maintenance to operate this printer. 

Versatility in applications and multiple ink choice 

● The continuous inkjet printer is compatible with a wide range of ink choices, the collection of ink range includes pigment that caters to this specific industry

● The ink range makes it suitable for a large number of substrates, both porous and non-porous. 

Highly Compatible

● Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Technology is based on no contact and non-heating technology and hence, are more resistant to higher production temperatures. 

● The stainless steel body and rugged construction make it more adaptable to any industrial environment such as humidity and dust. 

● It has an IP65 rating that makes it dust-tight and is protected against water projected from the nozzle. 

In addition to this, the batch code printing machine is manufactured by Control Print Limited, a company that has Indian industrial experience for more than 30 years. 

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