Be it the food and beverages industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, or any other industry, marking and coding are essential for almost all kinds of industries. 

Since the correct information must be coded onto the right product with 100% accuracy, the importance of consistent, high-quality marking and coding solutions cannot be overstated.

Globalization has changed the way many businesses operate. Continuous Inkjet Printers are the most versatile and cost-effective inkjet coding and marking solution suitable for nearly every application. With organizations functioning in highly complex supply chains, misleading information or poor quality codes can have detrimental effects, both on consumers as well as organizations.

The Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer boasts a contactless technology and therefore, all materials can be printed and marked efficiently. This inkjet coder is built keeping the working conditions of Indian factories in Mind.

The NEO is capable of printing small characters with a print height of 0.8 mm to a maximum of 20 mm, with a maximum writing speed of up to 460 meters per minute.
This printer is also suitable for marking fast conveyor belts, the production process, therefore, does not have to be interrupted to achieve fine product markings with texts, barcodes, or simple graphics.

One of the most versatile printers, the Continuous Inkjet Coder is one of the preferred technologies by most manufacturers.
Read on to find out some of the features:

High-Quality Coding:

● NEO is freely programmable with native Unicode character support 

● High-quality data, batch code, MRP printing can be achieved through NEO.

● With this inkjet coder, the printing can be done in local and foreign languages. 

● Barcodes, data matrix, automatic date and time functions, numbering, etc can be accomplished with ease. 

Low Running Costs: 

● Low cost of ownership, minimal maintenance make it the most likable product.