The Plywood Industry in India is booming with around 2800 operational Wood Panel Processing factories. Plywood is the most crucial and significant product in terms of the overall demand for wood panels, and the market size for the Indian Plywood Industry keeps growing every year.

Due to this, plywood and laminate manufacturers in India seek every competitive advantage. The only way to command premium prices is through branding. Therefore, the current coding solutions in this industry are roller coding, stencilling, as well as stickers.

Whether you want to print on full sheets of plywood or if custom logos and small signs need to be added, Control Print recommends two printers that can cater to a manufacturer’s needs. Read on to find out about the advantages of Control Print’s technology and how it makes printing on plywood easy.

High-Resolution Printer as a coding solution for the Plywood Industry

  • The High-Resolution Printer offers a large variety of printing options that include linear and data matrix codes, text, graphics, and logos and also assists in real-time and sequential numbering.
  • Its printing capabilities include both horizontal and vertical print head orientations, and the latter is ideal for printing top down on flat products like plywood and laminate sheets.
  • Control Print’s High-Resolution Printer offers user-level control that eliminates coding errors in fast-moving production lines.
  • The inks used in this machine are priced at 40% below the market average and deliver the Industry’s lowest running costs.
  • The availability of the largest ink range in India helps the manufacturer find the perfect match to their brand colours.
  • The Printer also includes a variety of high-contrast, fade-resistant inks.

Thermal Inkjet Printer for high-resolution printing in the Plywood Industry

  • Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer offers top-class print performance and high resolution with a print speed that is up to 60m/min.
  • The TIJ allows small footprint even in tight spaces while also supporting multi print head installations.
  • This machine comes with a built-in product sensor, which makes installation easier while also reducing costs.
  • The cartridge-based technology offered by the Thermal Inkjet Printer makes it one of the most cost-effective printers that also delivers crisp looking logos and symbols.
  • With Thermal Inkjet Printers, manufacturers can also decide to print on the sides of panels so that the brand logo or symbol is visible even when panels are stacked.

Due to the largest range of locally manufactured printers, Control Print offers competitive consumable pricing that minimizes both the initial investment as well as the running cost. Apart from this, these printing solutions provide the flexibility of printing various information with the highest quality codes, which is ideal for both the manufacturer as well as the client.

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