With the textile industry being one of the leading industries in India, the choice of technology used for printing and coding plays a crucial role for the manufacturer. The need of the hour is a cost-effective printer that offers high resolution printing and also ideal for short and long term projections. 

The Control Print technology and its efficient printing capabilities are designed specifically to handle a wide range of coding and printing challenges. As the market leader in India, Control Print is uniquely positioned to advise their clientele on how the coding solutions can be used for both internal and external traceability purposes. 

Read on to find out which printers are a good option to invest in for textile manufacturers: 

High Resolution Printers: 

– Control Print’s High Resolution Printer helps in cutting costs while also increasing the packaging flexibility and the end of line automation.

– This online batch coder comes with a 180 dpi resolution that makes it ideal for barcodes, logos and other applications

– The inks are priced 40% lower than the market rate and therefore makes this printing technology deliver the industry’s lowest costs

– The Control Print High Resolution Printer combines mature technology, oil-based inks and innovative features to a very reliable solution with near-zero maintenance requirements

– The High Resolution printer utilizes time-tested Drop on Demand inkjet technology. With only a few moving parts in the system, the odds of printer failure are minimized

The other technology often used in the textile industry is the Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer, read on to find out why: 

  • The Thermal Inkjet Printer is a cartridge-based technology which makes it virtually maintenance-free 
  • This inkjet coding machine is one of the most cost-effective technologies that delivers high-quality prints bringing out the best elements of your products 
  • With a print resolution up to 600dpi, the Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer delivers high-quality prints that look crisp and is ideal for printing a lot of information on small spaces
  • The technology is also equipped with a large touchscreen and visual user interface that make it easy for new operators to instantly get comfortable with the machine
  • Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer also offers top-class print performance with the Print speeds up to 60m/min with high resolution and 12.7mm print height 

Control Print offers uninterrupted production lines with state of the art batch code printing machines utilizing the latest technology that is specifically designed and engineered keeping in mind the unique working conditions in India.

With Control Print, you can be rest assured that your batch code printer is the one thing you do not have to worry about.