Enhancing Efficiency and Compliance: Wire and Cable Marking and Coding with Control Print's CIJ Printer

Enhancing Efficiency and Compliance: Wire and Cable Marking and Coding with Control Print's CIJ Printer


In the bustling environment of manufacturing plants, especially those dealing with wires and cables, efficient marking and coding systems are crucial. Not only do they facilitate smooth operations within the factory, but they also ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. In this regard, Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer emerges as a reliable solution, providing seamless printing of branding elements, logos, and compliance information on wires and cables.

Precision in Printing:

Control Print’s CIJ printer offers high-speed and precision print on all sizes of wires and cables. Whether it’s intricate logos, branding elements, or essential compliance information, the CIJ printer ensures clear and accurate printing on wires and cables of varying sizes and materials. This precision is vital, especially in industries where legibility and accuracy are non-negotiable.

Compliance Assurance:

Meeting industry standards and regulatory requirements is paramount in manufacturing, particularly in sectors like electrical engineering where safety standards are stringent. With Control Print’s CIJ printer, manufacturers can easily incorporate compliance information such as product specifications, serial numbers, and safety warnings onto wires and cables. This not only ensures adherence to regulations but also enhances consumer trust in the quality and safety of the products.

Wide ink range

We have a wide range of pigmented inks combining exceptional contrast with strong adhesion to produce the highest quality prints on dark coloured cables. You can also choose specialty inks, formulated to bond properly with various cable jacket materials such as PVC, XLPE, Rubber, and even PTFE/Teflon.

Transfer-resistant inks

Control Print’s innovative inks boast transfer-resistant qualities, creating a protective barrier against smudging during the transportation and process and coiling. The advanced formulation resists transfer even under pressure, guaranteeing crisp and durable prints throughout the entire journey.

Accurate Metre Marking

Our CIJ’s integrated encoder keeps track of cable speed and position, which ensures accurate metre markings and properly placed codes.

Durability in Harsh Conditions:

Manufacturing environments can be harsh, with factors like dust, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures posing challenges to equipment durability. Our CIJ’s robust construction and IP65 advanced technology enable it to operate seamlessly even in the most demanding factory setups, ensuring uninterrupted production and consistent printing quality.

Customization and Flexibility:

Every manufacturing facility has unique requirements, and Control Print’s CIJ printer offers the flexibility to cater to diverse needs. Whether it’s adapting to different wire and cable sizes, accommodating specific branding requirements, or incorporating variable data, the CIJ printer can be customized accordingly.

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