Hard to envisage any industry without coding and marking solutions for their packaging. With coding requirements for industries changing rapidly, every industrial product has to be properly marked and labeled for various reasons. Traceability of the product or parts of the product, specific information or brand protection are likely causes for the coding and marking solution requirements.

Industries are anticipating a higher focus on traceability for brand protection and diffusing any anti-counterfeit activities. Hence they emphasize quality coding and marking solutions. With the ongoing pandemic, it is of utmost importance to keep up with the latest technology, the technical enhancements are essential but making it cost-effective is crucial too. Out of the various techniques in printing solutions, thermal transfer over printers is the most cost-effective. 

This batch coding machine is in direct contact with the substrate, allowing better quality text, graphics, and barcodes. The clean printing process also ensures that the appearance or design of the packaging to be printed remains unchanged. Thermal transfer overprinting is the ideal solution for transferring variable data with very high resolution onto flexible packaging material such as films, flexible aluminum, labels, papers, and gloss cards.

The Control Print Thermal Transfer Overprinter is a preferred option for delivering high-quality codes including date, price, batch, linear & DataMatrix barcodes, logos or graphics. Ideal for foods and pharmaceutical industry including snack foods, bakery, and packaged foods. Zero maintenance, high reliability & line uptime makes it cost-effective in the long run. 

Read on to find out the key features of this batch coding machine

Unmatched print quality 

● Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter uses ribbon technology. 

● High-quality print resolution can be experienced as this printer prints directly on the substrate.

● The date coding machine is capable of printing 32 mm print swathe per printhead 

● High-speed capabilities ensures that no time is wasted in the production line. 

● A printing speed of more than 40 meters per minute can be experienced with this machine.

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