The plywood market in India is valued at a staggering INR 34,362 crores approximately in 2019. If the growth curve moves upward seamlessly, the plywood market in India will reach approximately INR 45,053 crores by the year 2025. To keep up with the demand, plywood needs to be branded and processed in a more cost effective and efficient manner. Control Print offers its High-Resolution Printers and Thermal Inkjet Printers as the ultimate branding solution for the plywood industry. Whether you want to print codes, logos, text, dimensions and other things, Control Print provides solutions for high-quality and reliable printing. 

The High-Resolution Printer is IP65-rated. It is dust-proof and waterproof. It can be relied upon for quality, because of the low-cost maintenance and competitive consumable pricing. There are a dozen ink colours available to fulfil your branding needs. They are high contrast fade-resistant inks. The intuitive and large touchscreen, with graphical UI of the machine, ensures effortless operation, regardless of the skill level. Plus, the interface supports English along with regional Indian languages for easy operation and branding at the local or state level.

With the High-Resolution Printer you can save cost and labour, courtesy of the direct printing capabilities on the surface of plywood and laminates. It uses Piezo Drop on Demand inkjet technology for minimizing printer failure. This increases uptime and productivity and keeps the line functioning smoothly. The 180 dpi resolution of the High Resolution Printer and its large print head makes it an ideal choice for printing brand logos along the length of the product, variable information such as thickness, size, grade, ISI logo, treatment (BWR, Termite Proof, Marine Grade) and many other applications. Additionally, you can print all the variable information on generic packaging that rarely changes to simply storage and logistics. The High-Resolution Printer offers horizontal as well as vertical printhead orientation. Printing top down on plywood and laminate sheets is easy with the vertical orientation.

The Thermal Inkjet Printer features cartridge-based technology cost-efficiency and virtually zero-maintenance. It has an excellent print resolution of up to 600 dpi to deliver high-quality prints, which accentuate the elements of your products. With other printers, when the production line is forced to take an extended break, usually the initial prints are poor because of the ink deposits in the printhead. However, the Automatic Purging system of the Thermal Inkjet Printer clears off dried ink, dusts and debris from the printhead. Thereby, no matter when the production line resumes, you get high-quality, clean and crisp prints. The Thermal Inkjet Printer easily integrates into the production line, courtesy of the build-in product sensor.

With the Thermal Inkjet printer, you can print on the edge of the plywood. Because of its throw distance it is adaptable to the slimmest of surfaces. Essential information such as branding, manufacturing date, batch number etc are printed on the edge of the plywood. This leaves the surface of the plywood unmarked. With roller stamping etc. there is a wastage of space where the branding, batch code and manufacturing date etc are printed on the usable and commercially viable surfaces. With the no contact printing of Thermal Inkjet Printers, it is possible to print on uneven and restrictive surfaces such as the edge of the plywood.