The building material industry deals with those products that are used for construction purposes, like cement, steel, concrete, wood and metal to name a few. The manufacturing equipment must be able to deal with constantly dusty environments and extreme temperatures, therefore, their requirements for coding and marking are different from others. With a variety of surfaces on which marking and coding are required, the building material industry ought to get an upliftment if they exchange their old printing technology with modern variable printing and coding solutions. 

Control Print offers marking and coding solutions that cater to the requirements specifically to the industry. With marking specifications such as panel grades, branding information of wood and composite materials, marking material of any size or shape are imbibed seamlessly. 

The Thermal Inkjet Printer is a simple maintenance-free printer based on technology that is suitable for various basic and advanced coding applications that are ideal for the building materials industry. This coding machine is designed specifically for Indian industries and built to work in any environment, it is also one of the most cost-efficient machines with the added advantage of high-speed printing. 

This coder gives you a high-quality printing experience because of its high-resolution cartridge, read on to find out more about Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer:

● Low Maintenance Cost and High Dependability: The Thermal Inkjet Printers use an ink cartridge system that is maintenance-free. If there is a problem, simply switching out the ink cartridge for another often fixes the issue easily and within seconds.

● Versatile Printing On Variety Of Substrate: Now that there is the availability of advanced technology, the thermal inkjet printer can be used on all porous and non-porous surfaces. It works with ease on not only porous substrates from paper and cardboard, certain non-porous substrates used in building materials industries such as plastic, wood, metals to semi-porous substrates such as concrete and plaster. 

● Premium Quality Prints: With this coding machine you can experience high-quality printing for years without over maintenance. Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet technology gives you a lower overall cost of ownership as well. This printer can easily fit in your production line without disrupting your smooth-running operations, be integrated into the line, set up on a bench or even mounted on a wall.
Superior Print Quality With a print resolution of up to 600dpi, the thermal inkjet printer gives superior quality printing that enhances product quality. 

● Fast Drying Ink: The fast-drying ink used in Thermal Inkjet Printer Is ideal for certain non-porous materials and comes with multiple ink colours for Aqueous ink. The disposable ink cartridge system of this inkjet coding printer allows the user to find the best possible ink solution to fit their unique products. 

● Minimal User Training: With this technology, there is no specific training required. Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer is so easy to operate that it makes it user friendly. Moreover, it’s equipped with a user interface and a large touchscreen that aids smooth printing solutions.

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