Coding equipment for wire manufacturing industries combines high speed and precision to accurately print on small and fast moving wires. In low-margin applications, keeping printing costs under control is important to protect profitability.

Our advantages in the wire include

Industry leading printing speeds

We can print the ISI logo at 400 m/min. For simpler requirements we can reach speeds up to 700 m/min.

Accurate prints at high speeds

The advanced technology that goes into our CIJ ensures accurate, high definition prints even at small character heights and high speeds.

Competitive running costs

Due to high line speeds coding on wires consumes a lot of ink. Our competitive and stable consumable pricing ensures that your running costs remain under control and within budget.

Wide ink range

We have a wide range of pigmented inks to produce high contrast prints on dark coloured wires. You can also choose specialty inks formulated to bond properly with various wire jacket materials.

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