Cosmetics and Personal Care

Cosmetics and personal care items are among the fastest growing industrial sectors globally. The need of the hour is to create appealing packaging that grabs consumer attention. This requires coding and labeling technologies that can print reliably and legibly on many different package shapes and sizes without impacting the package design.

Traceability requirements and more stringent consumer protection laws mandate printing of more information.

Our advantages in the cosmetics and personal care industry include

Overspill resistant inks

Whether soaps or alcohol-based hand sanitizers, we have inks that resist.

High quality print

Our industry-leading print resolution across a range of printers allows printing of high quality codes that don’t detract from product packaging or branding artwork.


Retail shelves are the modern-day battlefields. Competing products vie for consumer attention and brand managers obsess over packaging artwork. CPL can offer discreet and sharp codes that fit in small spaces but still meet all the statutory requirements.

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Rigid plastic containers

Plastic containers include rigid HDPE and PP which are not treated and make coding difficult.

Our advantages in the rigid plastic container application include

Wide range of specialty inks

Including inks that bond well with plastic and resist overspills.

Print performance

Our industry-leading 50 mm throw distance makes it possible to print even on highly curved surfaces as well as printing from the bottom-up to the bottom of the container.

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Flexible Packaging 

Improper printing technology or ink selection can lead to smudged prints on laminated and non-porous surfaces, especially on fast moving production lines that leaves little time for ink to dry.

Control Print carries several fast or   instantly drying printing technologies that can print large amount of information on non-porous surfaces. “Generic coding” solutions give manufacturers the capability to print product information, barcodes, logos, ingredients lists and other information during packaging. This reduces the need to store pre-printed films.  

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Coding on tubes requires a specialized solution due to an irregular printing surface and very small print area.

Our advantages in the tube application include

Industry leading throw distance

Our 50 mm throw distance creates high quality prints even on highly curved surfaces.

Highly accurate printers

With careful calibration, our highly accurate printers can create legible prints even on very small spaces.

Small footprint solutions

To allow integration even when space at the line is at a premium.

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Flow Wraps 

Getting quality codes on flow wraps and soap packages requires careful selection of inks. Wax on the packaging paper sometimes softens and transfers to the printing side, which can prevent ink from bonding.

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Aerosol Cans

Aerosol Cans

Coding and marking on aerosol cans is usually challenging due to the metal finish and curved printing surface. With an industry-leading 50 mm throw distance our CIJ makes it possible to print even on highly curved surfaces as well as printing from the bottom-up onto the container.

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Our advantages in the sachets application include

Cost competitive solutions

To minimize per code costs.

Specialized handling systems

For printing on multi-lane production lines.

Specialized inks

To print on adhesion resistant metalized films.

Small footprint systems

To allow integration on production lines where space is at a premium.

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Shipper Cartons

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