Detergents and Cleaning Liquids

Factories producing detergents are not easy on coding and marking machines. High ambient temperature and sticky and corrosive dust take their toll on the printers – that is, unless they are designed and engineered to work in such environments.

Our advantages in the detergents and cleaning liquids industry include

IP65 rated

Our printers are both dustproof and waterproof. Positive air pressure prevents outside dust from contaminating the ink stream and clogging the printhead. Waterproof construction makes it easy to clean the machine during a normal line cleanup.

Industrial grade construction

Equipped with features like a stainless steel finish and heat resistant electronics, our machines are engineered to withstand harsh conditions.

Detergent resistant inks

Overspills are common and workers often rub the containers with detergent on their hands. The combination of detergent and rubbing is enough to wipe out most inks. We carry several inks formulated to resist detergents and other harsh chemicals.

Print durability

Our combination of the right ink and appropriate printing technology ensures that your codes survive multiple handling on a long supply chain.

Flexible Packaging

Improper printing technology or ink selection can lead to smudged prints on laminated and non-porous surfaces, especially on fast moving production lines that leave little time for ink to dry.

Coding on powdered detergents packages requires a careful combination of printing technology and ink to run reliably in dusty conditions and achieve a print that resists harsh chemicals.

Flexible Packaging

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Plastic containers include rigid HDPE and PP which are not treated and make coding difficult.

Our advantages in the bottle application include

Wide range of specialty inks

Including inks that bond well with plastic and resist overspills.

Print performance

Industry-leading 50 mm throw distance makes it possible to print even on highly curved surfaces as well as printing from the bottom-up to the bottom of the container.

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Flow wrap and paper packages

Printing on flow wrap packages and detergent bars can be complicated due to heat from the bars and the lubricant oil used by the packaging machine. Such difficult conditions require careful selection of both ink and printing technology.

Flow wrap and paper packages

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Our advantages in the sachets application include

Cost competitive solutions

To minimize per code costs.

Specialized handling systems

For printing on multi-lane production lines.

Specialized inks

To print on adhesion resistant metalized films.

Small footprint systems

To allow integration into production lines where space is at a premium.

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