Edible Oils

Oil spills are a constant problem in edible oil bottling lines. We have unique solution for this sector.

Our advantages in the edible oil industry include

Oil penetrating solutions

Both our printers and inks have been developed to deliver a perfect code even though a thin layer of oil.

Oil resistant inks

Inks that resist contact with oil and workers rubbing the print with oily hands.

Print performance

Large print height to accommodate your coding needs while meeting statutory height requirements.

Pouches and flexible packaging

CPL offers both online and offline printing solutions for pouches and flexible packages. For offline printing, we offer rapid printers to prevent bottlenecks and reduce the number of printing stations required.


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Large quantity packages (bottles and jars)

For printing on larger bottles and jars, our industry leading print height ensures that your code meets all the statutory height requirements while still giving you the flexibility to print all the required information.

We also offer specialized inks that bond to plastic surfaces and form a durable code.

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