With consumers becoming increasingly discriminating, printing directly on eggs gives producers a way to differentiate what would otherwise be a commodity product.

Coding and marking related challenges include

Getting the right code on the eggs

Countless eggs pass through the egg-sorting machine, and since different grades require different codes, communication between the grader and the printer is crucial.

Getting the print head into the right place

There’s often not a lot of room to print and getting the print head into the right position is crucial. Depending on the sorting machine, printing may take place from the top or side of the eggs.

Our advantages in the egg application include

Specialized inks

Including several food grade inks suitable for printing on eggs.

Cost competitive solutions

To minimize both per code costs and initial capital investment.

Small footprint systems

The industry’s smallest print head for easy integration on production lines where space is at a premium.

Specialized handling systems

For printing on multi-lane lines.

Industry leading print performance

Including a 20mm print height and high resolution printing for visible and sharp looking logo.

Solutions by application

Egg Cartons

Control Print offers different solutions for printing bar codes directly on egg cartons.

Egg Cartons

Our advantages in egg carton application include

Cost competitive solutions

To minimize per code costs

Easy to use, for people of all skill levels

All our machines are equipped with a large touchscreen and an intuitive, graphical user interface. The interface supports not only English but also the major Indian languages, which makes it easier for operators who don’t understand English. These features allow new users to learn the machine quickly and drastically reduces the time required to train new operators.

Generic coding solutions

High-resolution carton coders reduce the need to stock preprinted cartons and allows printing of bar codes and additional information online.

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