Fresh and Frozen Foods

Printing codes on fresh and frozen foods packages presents unique challenges, such as harsh conditions and sub-zero temperature, condensation, variable product weights and strict hygiene standards

Our advantages in the fresh and frozen food industry application include

Printers engineered for low temperatures

Printers required to function in low temperatures contain heaters in the print head, ensuring proper ink viscosity and optimal ink flow.

Direct integration with weighing scale

The scale sends product weight directly to the printer, which calculates and prints the price on the package.

IP65 rated, stainless steel, dust and waterproof construction

Waterproof construction allows the machines to be hosed during a regular line wash down. The smooth, aseptic stainless steel surface prevents microorganism adhesion.

Specialized inks

Formulated to resist condensation, freezing and thawing as well as ice forming on top of the print.

Generic coding

With a large number of product variations, generic-coding solutions can help frozen food units cut costs and reduce the need to stock different pre-printed packages. CPL’s high-resolution coders can print bar codes and product identity information directly on generic packages.

generic coding

Recommended printers

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Pouches and flow wraps present can be problematic to print on. For this application Control Print have specific solution.

Our advantages in the flexible packgaing application include

Fast drying inks and printing solutions

Suitable for fast moving packaging lines that leave little time for ink to dry.

Durable codes

Codes and marks that withstand handling many times during long supply chains.

Small footprint systems

To allow integration on production lines where space is at a premium.

Display and promotional packaging

Display packages should not only stand out on the shelves but also contain bar codes and other traceability codes. When coding display and promotional packages we can ensure that:

  • Codes look good and meet all the requirements without distracting from packaging artwork.
  • Codes that don’t fade over time and resist handling multiple times.
Display and Promotional Packaging
shipper carton

Shipper Cartons

Our advantages in shipper carton application include

Cost competitive solutions

To minimize per code costs

Easy to use, for people of all skill levels

All our machines come equipped with a large touchscreen and an intuitive, graphical user interface. The interface supports not only English but also the major Indian languages, which makes it easier for operators who don’t understand English. These features allow new users to learn the machine quickly and drastically reduce the time required to train new operators.

Generic coding solutions

High-resolution carton coders reduce the need to stock preprinted cartons and allows printing of bar codes and additional information online.

Integration with weighing scale

Allows printing of exact carton weight during the packing process, increases supply chain transparency and reduces product theft.

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