Flexible packaging is most preferred by business houses around the world for a variety of reasons. 

To begin with, they are cost-effective and offer great durability and product protection. It is also an essential requirement in the supply chain of many industries including fast selling consumer and sporting goods to electronic, medical and cosmetic supplies. 

Flexible packaging combines the best qualities of plastics and films while needing minimal material, production and cost. Flexible packaging is preferred for its versatile and functional solution. As easy it is to incorporate flexible packaging in the production line, the difficulty is often faced in finding marking and coding solutions for it. 

Control Print offers a wide range of coding and marking solutions to suit the manufacturer’s requirements. The Thermal Transfer Overprint is a recommended printing option for high-quality codes specifically for flexible packaging and labels. The Thermal Inkjet Coder can be easily integrated across a wide spectrum of vertical and horizontal form fill seal packaging and labelling lines. 

Thermal Transfer Overprinter utilizes a thermal printhead consisting of many individual ceramic resistors that are heated to transfer the desired image from the ribbon directly to the substrate. This coding technology utilizes a food-safe, the non-hazardous ribbon that contains no liquid, therefore, minimizes the mess. The technology also offers low maintenance solutions for intermittent as well as continuous application. 

Read on the product specification to get a detailed insight on the Thermal Transfer Over printer

● Excellent Print Quality And Capabilities 

  • Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers a high-quality print resolution of 300dpi. 
  • It also offers a 32 mm print swathe per printhead. 
  • The standard printing function includes linear barcodes, DataMatrix barcode, automatic date and time function, numbering graphics, logos, etc. 
  • With such a versatile capability, the printer caters to a wide range of printing solutions for flexible packaging. 

● Simple Intuitive Operation 

  • Thermal Transfer Overprinter comes equipped with a touchscreen display unit. 
  • It has an interactive, user-friendly, icon-based WYSIWYG graphic interface that makes it easy to use by operators of any skill level. 
  • The technology also has automatic error detection for easy troubleshooting. 

● Uptime And Maintenance 

  • Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter requires practically no uptime as a simple replacement of the ribbons would do the trick. 
  • The printhead replacement also doesn’t pose any difficulty and affects the smooth running of the production line. 
  • This coding technology requires zero maintenance and has multiple level access.
  • Along with this, the coding printer also has no startup or shutdown period or long shutdown procedures that gives the manufacturer a less time-consuming printing option.
  • Thermal Transfer Overprinter eliminates minimal ribbon wastage as the print gap can be less than 0.5 mm. 

● Flexibility Communication And Integration 

  • Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers a wide range of flexibility in operations as it can be used for a variety of substrates including plastic and films. 
  • The technology has a USB message transfer which comes in handy for an easy printing solution. 
  • The printer can be easily set and integrated on almost any production line. 

● High-Speed Printing 

  • With over 40 metres per minute for continuous motion and more than 200 prints per minute for intermittent motion, it’s the most affordable high-speed printing solution the manufacturer can avail of.

This and many other marking and coding solutions are brought by Control Print having more than 30 years of Indian industrial experience, you can rely on their expertise in this field.

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