Porous surfaces or substrate are those surfaces that contain tiny pores, microscopic holes or crevices that allow liquids and air to penetrate it.Paper, untreated wood, cardboard, sponge and fabric are some of the examples of porous surfaces.

The high-resolution industrial printers have their own set of advantages. They allow companies and brands to use micro prints on their products, especially if the manufacturer requires fine print on the products.The accuracy of these printers when it comes to the fine print is incomparable.

Control Print’s High-Resolution printer based on Piezo Drop On Demand Inkjet Technology makes it suitable for printing on various corrugated and Kraft shipper cartons. With the application for this printer being varied, any company that requires microprint on their packaging can use these printers to print on porous and non-porous substrates making it ideal for many organizations.

This inkjet coder is reliable in nature and can be used for printing for long hours and in different conditions with minimal problems. The fine print is not the only reason why these printers are popular, the inkjet printer is also capable of printing large characters. 

The High Resolution Printer can be used with a variety of ink types and colours allowing companies to colour coordinate their printing. Read on to find out why Control Print’s High-Resolution printers are the preferred choice of many manufacturers.

Exceptional Print Quality 

● This batch coding printing machine offers a maximum print resolution of 180dpi 

● Standard printing such as linear barcodes, data matrix barcodes, automatic date and time functions, numbering and graphics can be achieved with ease. 

● Horizontal and vertical orientation is also possible with the High-Resolution printers.

Unmatched Reliability 

● The culmination of long-lasting piezo Drop On Demand technology and oil-based inks leads to unrivalled reliability. 

● It is built to last longer and hence total value for your money invested

Ease of use 

● The large 12 inches touchscreen display unit has a WYSIWYG graphical interface.

● This batch coder embedded with windows software which gives familiarity to it. 

● It doesn’t require any heavy training and can be operated with ease with minimal training.

Zero Maintenance Cost 

● Control Print’s High-Resolution printers require minimum maintenance. 

● It doesn’t require printhead cleaning or filter replacement or any other maintenance. 

● No ink is wasted due to its automatic purging and priming with full ink recuperation. 

● As the ink tank has a higher capacity it takes a longer time to refill the ink and thereby gives a smoothly running production line. 

● No startup or shutdown time makes procedures.

Highly Flexible 

● This inkjet coder for batch coding is easy to set up 

● It can be integrated into any end of the packaging production line 

● It can be easily controlled through any Windows-based PC for remote control of printers.

Control Print’s High Resolution is the best printing solution for any porous surfaces and non-porous surfaces. High Resolution Inkjet Coder and other printing solutions are brought to you by India’s very own manufacturing company. 

We suggest you go through the specifications before selecting the printer of your choice, for further queries visit the website at controlprint.com

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