The Healthcare Industry in India has become one of the largest sectors. The Indian Government has also been proactive with their approach towards the development of the Industry.

Due to an increase in demand, supply requirements must be met, and therefore packaging and printing must also cater to the rising needs. Protecting patients from fake or adulterated medicines require a dedicated track and trace solution that spans across the entire supply chain. Manufacturers supplying healthcare products must not only comply with the regulatory requirements in India but also varied and incongruent requirements in other markets that they sell in.

Considering the current scenario, it is crucial to ensure that safety and hygiene are not compromised. At CP, we offer manufacturers a variety of options that they can choose from, according to their preferences and needs, which cater to the Healthcare Industry.

Why is the Continuous Inkjet Printer an ideal choice for manufacturers?

  • When it comes to cartons and outer packaging, although it is simpler to print on, it can prove to be challenging due to the amount of information that needs to be printed in a small space. The Continuous Inkjet Printer offers a print height range from 0.8mm microprint to a large and bold 20mm.
  • Its ink range is 4-5 times greater than the nearest competitor, and it also has pharmaceutical safe inks.
  • With the nozzle shutter in the NEO technology, there is a minimal requirement of print head cleaning.
  • The aseptic stainless-steel surface of the Continuous Inkjet Printer meets the strictest hygiene standards and is germ-free.
  • CP’s Continuous Inkjet Printer is IP 65 rated and offers world-class technology.  

The other option for manufacturers is the Thermal Inkjet Printer, which also meets the requirements of the Healthcare Industry.

  • This is a high-resolution printer that prints human and machine-readable codes in very small spaces.
  • Improper printing technology or ink selection can lead to smudged prints. However, CP’s Thermal Inkjet Printer carries a fast-drying printing technology.
  • It is an ideal solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry and is also the printer of choice for shipper carton coding.
  • CP’s Thermal Inkjet Printer has cartridge-based technology that makes it one of the most cost-effective inkjet coding machines.
  • It also supports multi-print head installation, and the small footprint allows integration even in tight spaces.

With the high demand for precautionary gear, immunity boosters, and temperature checking tools, the Healthcare Industry needs to have the safest technology at their disposal.

Ensuring the safety of consumers, especially now, is the need of the hour, and all manufacturers must adhere to the guidelines shared by the Government when it comes to the packaging and printing of products, labels, and shipper cartons amongst others.