Coding and marking is the method of printing essential product and traceability information on packaging, labels, and other manufactured materials. Barcodes, serialization codes, and expiry or ‘best by’ details are some of their examples. Coding and marking systems help minimize product waste and increase manufacturing uptime in several ways. 

Some of the suggestions on how the waste can be avoided are as follows:  

● Installing machines that are easy to integrate into any production line. 

● The selection of a printer with an appropriate IP rating will avoid failures caused by the ingress of solids or fluids into the machine. 

● Features such as self-cleaning printheads reduce blocked nozzles, avoids unplanned stops at the line. 

● Planned stoppages can also be minimized through the use of modern printers with long service intervals, and self-servicing and self-maintenance models. 

The global leader in coding and marking solutions, The Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers performance, value, and versatility that reduces the cost of ownership by maximizing uptime and intelligent ink management system. With the industrial experience of more than 30 years and strong research practices, this coding and marking solution has been a preferred choice for many industries. 

Thermal transfer overprints are a highly reliable marking solution for the demanding conditions of the Indian industry. It prints clearly and efficiently in large, bold fonts onto materials of all kinds. With their versatile functions and robust design, they adapt to specific requirements, production environments, and protection classes, while promoting maximum output and reliability.

Excellent Print Quality And Capabilities
● Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers a high-quality print resolution of 300 dpi.

● Gives you a 32 mm print swathe per printhead.
● Its standard printing function includes linear barcodes, DataMatrix barcodes, automatic date, and time function, numbering graphics, logos, etc. 

● With such a versatile capability it caters to a wide range of printing solutions.

Simple Intuitive Operation 

● The batch coding machine comes equipped with a touchscreen display unit. 

● It has an interactive, user-friendly, icon-based WYSIWYG graphic interface which makes it easy to use by operators of any skill level. 

● Moreover, it has automatic error detection for easy troubleshooting.

Uptime And Maintenance 

● This data coding machine practically requires no uptime, since replacing the ribbons would do the trick.
● The printhead replacement also doesn’t pose any difficulty and affects the smooth running of the production line.

● Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter requires zero maintenance and has multiple-level access. 

● It has no startup or shutdown period or long shutdown procedures which gives you a less time-consuming printing option. 

● It gives you minimal ribbon wastage as the print gap can be as less as 0.5 mm.

Flexibility Communication And Integration
● The Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers a wide range of flexibility in operations as it can be used for a variety of substrates including plastic and films. 

● It has a USB message transfer which comes in handy for an easy printing solution. 

● It can be easily set and integrated on almost any production line.

High-Speed Printing 

● With over 40 meters per minute for continuous motion and more than 200 prints per minute for intermittent motion, this online batch coding machine is the most affordable high-speed printing solution you can avail of.

This and many other marking and coding solutions are brought to you by Control Print, you can rely on their expertise in the Indian industrial scenario. For any further queries, you can visit their website or contact them at