The Continuous Inkjet Printer is one of Control Print’s most cost-effective inkjet coding and marking solutions and is essentially designed to be used easily by operators of all skill levels. The NEO is designed to take care of maintenance tasks automatically. In addition to this, the print head cleaning takes 30 seconds and does not require disassembly.

The NEO has world-class technology, is packed with innovative features, and is ideal for semi-skilled and unskilled operators, with many groundbreaking utilities that help them use the machine in a matter of hours, instead of days and weeks. Anyone who has used a smartphone will immediately be familiar with Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer. The NEO Inkjet coder is dustproof, waterproof, flameproof, and heat/cold resistant; therefore, it can be hosed during regular line washdown while also preventing outside air and flammable chemicals from entering.

The Continuous Inkjet Printer is built to offer productive and seamless printing for the Rubber Industry, the Pipes and Extruded Plastics Industry, Packaging Material Industries, FMCG Industries, the Food and Beverage Industry, and the Automotive Industry.

Control Print’s NEO has the industry’s largest print height range from a 0.8mm microprint to a large and bold 20mm, all in one machine. Some of the other features of the inkjet coding and marking printer are as follows:

  • Its print capabilities include unlimited print length while meeting the statutory 4 or 6mm print height and prints bold and visible logos that stand out from the crowd.
  • With an ink range that is 4 to 5 times greater than the nearest competitor, Control Print’s inkjet coding machine can meet any manufacturer’s printing requirements.  
  • The Continuous Inkjet Printer also offers dozens of different, heavily pigmented colours for printing on dark substances.
  • Offering an in-built battery ensures that the printer goes through a proper shutdown during a power outage and a smooth startup the next time.
  • One of the key highlights of Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer is that it is packed with innovative features that reduce maintenance requirements and downtime.
  • The industrial-grade construction of the inkjet printer for batch coding makes it suitable for the Food and Beverage Industry as well as for the Pharmaceutical Industry by meeting even the strictest of hygiene standards.

Apart from these features, Control Print has developed an innovative nozzle shutter that perfectly seals the nozzle during shutdown and prevents the ink from drying in the Continuous Inkjet Printer.

Control Print’s Inkjet Printer is built keeping in mind the working conditions of Indian factories and features a large, solvent-resistant touchscreen. With an automated nozzle cleaner and an automated stirring mechanism, the Continuous Inkjet Printer is ideal for easy line integrations.

Control Print has over 200 service engineers stationed across 65 cities and hence can ensure that each service call is attended to within 24 hours, without hampering productivity.

If you have any more questions about Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer and its deliverables, visit our website or reach out to let us help you increase sales and minimize warranty claims.