With a wide range of robust printers available, Control Print has printers that are user-friendly and meant for industrial use as well. If you are looking for reliable, low cost ownership and high-quality printing, we’ve got it all for you.

Our line of coding and marking equipment include the classic Continuous Inkjet Printer, High-resolution printer, Thermal Inkjet printer, Thermal Transfer Over printer, Large Character printer and the Laser printer.

Skim through the brief USPs of each printer and pick according to your requirement.

1) Continuous Inkjet Printer: With the world class technology, the Continuous Inkjet Printer is one of the most versatile coding solutions under our radar. It is specially build keeping in mind the requirements and working condition of Indian factories. This printer features a large, solvent-resistant touchscreen and an icon-based user interface, making it easy to use for anyone familiar with a smart-phone. It has IP65 rating which makes it rugged to industrial standards. We have developed an innovative nozzle shutter that perfectly seals the nozzle during shutdown and prevents ink drying

2) High Resolution Printer: High-resolution printer is specifically used in the Wood and Laminate industry to print specifications, logos, ISI Mark etc. This printer makes use of the time-tested drop on demand technology. Due to only few moving parts in the machine, the odds of errors and failures are significantly minimized. Hence, it is easier to print finer details on packaging that is suitable for the plywood industry. Due to the intense competition and duplication within this industry, plywood and laminate manufacturers look for branding without compromising on quality, wherever they can. With a High-resolution printer they can print variable information directly on the product. Which enables them to save money on solutions such as roller coding, stenciling and stickers, which include high labour costs.

3) Thermal Inkjet Printer: These printers are recommended to use for low-cost printing. Our Thermal Inkjet Printers are virtually maintenance free and it takes less than a minute to replace the cartridge and continue with printing in case of a printer failure. It is ideal for printing a lot of information on small space. The additional features this printer includes are: no long startup or shutdown procedures. One can simply switch the printer on and off. It is a ready-to-use printer. Immediately after installing the cartridge it can be switched on and is ready to use. This makes it easy to use even for semi-skilled labor. Also, it is suitable for long shutdowns, typical in seasonal businesses. With print resolution up to 600dpi, TIJ delivers high quality prints that bring out the best elements of your products.

4) Thermal Transfer Over Printer: The Thermal Transfer Over Printer offers prints resolution up to 300dpi and is made of highly reliable technology that requires almost no maintenance. It is simple to operate and is suitable for long shutdowns and intermittent operations. Thermal Transfer technology utilizes a thermal printhead consisting of individual ceramic resistors that are selectively heated to transfer the desired image from a coated ribbon directly onto the substrate. TTO uses simple, effective engineering and design. Most problems can be solved by changing either the print head or the ribbon- operations that don’t require trained engineers. With a large print area, it is ideal for generic coding and other application requiring printing of large amount of information.

5)  Large Character Printer: This printer is considered as one of the toughest and most robust printers in Control Print’s lineup. It is designed and built keeping in mind the harshest conditions and industrial environments. It offers a wide variety of printing options that include text, automatic date and time functions, numbering and serialization, graphics and logos. This printer can meet all your printing requirements, no matter how difficult.

6) Laser Printer: Designed to meet most demanding coding requirements, the laser printers are the ultimate solution when uptime is crucial, and you need a permanent printer. With no ink to clog and only a few moving parts, the Laser Printer deliver an industry-leading “99.9% uptime” ‑ even at extremely fast line speeds. The printer boasts of a wide range of essential accessories and extras that optimize laser performance and requires near-zero maintenance.