Whether it is a plug, cable, or wire, accurate printing and reliable coding solutions are necessary to meet the Cable and Wiring Industry’s compliance standards. Whether they are Ethernet or electric cables, Control Print ensures a complete solution to provide identifiable, precise, and clear coding.

The most important and visible indicator of product quality in cables and wires is the legibility of a brand’s logo and text information, which thereby determines how a product is perceived. The Cable and Wiring Industry demands fast, consistent, and reliable coding. Read on to understand which printer is an ideal solution for printing and coding in the Cable and Wiring Industry.

Marking and coding, especially for the Wire Manufacturing Industry, require high speed and precision, to accurately print on small and fast-moving wires. Due to the high line speeds, coding on wires consume a lot of ink; therefore, transfer-resistant inks are a necessity.

Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer is an ideal choice for coding in the Cable and Wiring Industry:

  • The printer offers a wide range of pigmented inks that combine exceptional contrast with strong adhesion to produce the highest quality prints on dark coloured cables.
  • The inks formulated in this printer can be used for untreated plastic, glass, and other non-absorbent surfaces like cables and wires. 
  • With the world-class advanced technology of NEO, the Continuous Inkjet Printer ensures accurate, high definition prints even for small character heights and high speeds. 
  • The Continuous Inkjet Printer can cope with a variety of print heights without compromising on quality. 
  • An integrated encoder keeps track of cable speed and position, including reverse motion. 
  • Marking and printing can be done on cables from 1mm thickness to even 20mm.
  • The Continuous Inkjet Printer also has a feature to print in a local language, which helps increase sales and also assists the operator in truly understanding the printer instead of just memorizing a sequence of buttons.
  • Control Print’s NEO is packed with innovative features that also minimize maintenance requirements and downtime, cutting down on operator errors as well.
  • In the low-margin application of the Cable and Wiring Industry, keeping printing costs under control is important to protect profitability; therefore, the Continuous Inkjet Printer is an ideal choice. 

Being IP-65 rated and with its rugged construction, the Continuous Inkjet Printer also offers unlimited print length. Finding the right coding and marking printer is essential for the Wiring and Cable Industry; therefore, Control Print’s CIJ is the apt choice to make and the right solution.

If something goes wrong, Control Print’s comprehensive network of service engineers will have your machine up and running in no time.