India is one of the leading producers and consumers of dairy, and the industry is growing with every passing day. It is also one of the most challenging of all food industries when it comes to coding and marking solutions.

The manufacturing and production of milk is a continuous and everyday process, irrespective of weekends or seasons. Dairy cows keep producing milk every day; therefore, dairy factories must operate 365 days a year without a break. Unique coding and marking related challenges faced include cold atmosphere, high moisture content, a layer of condensation coating, and year-round operations. Control Print recommends three printers that are suitable for packaging products in the Dairy Industry.

Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printers are the ideal choice, with liquid pouches, and can offer various advantages in the Dairy Industry.

  • It has a cartridge-based technology that makes it Control Print’s most cost-effective inkjet coding machine. It eliminates downtime and maintenance requirements.
  • The Thermal Inkjet Printer is ideal for printing a lot of information on small spaces.
  • With an industry-leading 50mm throw distance, the print performance ensures a perfect code.
  • This inkjet batch coding machine has 99.9% uptime, and in the case of printer failure, to get the printer running again, the process takes less than a minute. 
  • Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer supports multi print head installations, and the small footprint allows integration even into tight spaces.

The second inkjet printer option for the Dairy Industry is the Continuous Inkjet Printer. These are some of the key highlights of the coder:

  • The inks are specialized and have been formulated to adhere to all bottle materials and resist condensation.
  • The Continuous Inkjet Printer has one of the most competitive consumables pricing and the lowest cost of ownership.
  • This precision-engineered printer can keep up with the fastest of Tetra Pak lines.
  • Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer runs reliably even in the harshest conditions and can meet even the strictest hygiene standards since it is made of an aseptic stainless-steel surface.

The Thermal Transfer Overprinter is another option that Control Print recommends for the smooth functioning of printing requirements in the Dairy Industry.

  • The technology of the Thermal Transfer Overprinter is a highly reliable technology that requires almost no maintenance.
  • Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers print resolution up to 300dpi, delivers high-quality prints, and is an excellent date-printing machine for the Food and Beverage Industry.
  • It carries a range of food-packing-safe ribbons for a wide range of printing needs that is suitable for coding.
  • It can print all kinds of information on ‘generic’ packages and is simple to operate. With the unique Thermal Transfer Overprinter design, it eliminates motors, which reduces the chance of a breakdown.
  • The Thermal Transfer Overprinter is an ideal date coding machine as various kinds of information can be printed by it.

According to each manufacturer’s requirements from the Dairy Industry, the preferred choice from the above-mentioned Control Print’s technologies can be selected.