With the growth of international trade and the surge of demand in the Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical products, the packaging standards and label serialization has been of utmost importance to avoid any counterfeit or false representation of the products. Hence, industries like Pharma and Food and Beverage need to make an informed decision while picking the right printer for attaining their needs.

The process of generating, encoding, and verifying the unique identity of the product is known as serialization. It is crucial to understand the authenticity and validity of the product when it comes to mass serialization of Labels. The advantages of label serialization are to make sure having a reduced number of numbering errors, automated billing, effective inventory control, facilitation of product recalls amongst others.

One of the challenges faced while picking the correct batch coding machine for label serialization is the complexity of the data that needs to be tracked. At Control Print, the manufacture has the option of choosing Thermal Inkjet Printer and Thermal Transfer Overprinter to ensure meeting their label serialization needs. It can be difficult to navigate through all the benefits and features of each technology and to pick the one that suits your needs, this read ought to simplify your decision in making the right choice.

The first one in offering apt features for Label Serialization at Control Print is our Thermal Inkjet Printer, here are some of the highlights of the batch code printer.

–      The Thermal Inkjet Printer has a print resolution of up to 600dpi and therefore delivers print high-quality prints that look crisp and compliment display packaging.

–      The Thermal Inkjet Printer is also ideal for printing a lot of information in small spaces therefore, the apt choice for Label serialization.

–      The printer offers highly scan-able linear barcodes and data matrix barcodes.

–      It is one of Control Print’s most cost-effective printers with cartridge-based technology

–      Due to the user-level control technology, it eliminates coding errors and has options for easy integration.

Another option available at Control Print is the Thermal Transfer Overprinter that uses simple yet effective engineering and design. The features that this batch coder has are as follows:

–      Highly reliable technology and it requires almost no maintenance.

–      Large print area suitable for generic coding appliances

–      Thermal Transfer Overprinter is an ideal printer for label serialization as it doesn’t degrade the aesthetic quality of the packaging.

–      It doesn’t create a mess, the ribbon ink is solid and transfers instantly upon printing. 

–      Has a range of food-packaging-safe ribbons for the wide printing needs within the food and beverage industry.

Based on your printing requirement, you can go through the aforementioned featured and key highlights of both the printing options available at Control Print and make an informed decision based on your preference and industry. At Control Print, our motto is to keep the customer’s need a priority so that the manufacturer has one less thing to worry about.