Printing and coding of barcodes and dates are essential components of the production process, especially in food, beverage, and FMCG industries. Ensuring consumer safety and meeting federal regulations are of prime importance. Therefore, the printing machine needs a customizable date and time format to match the manufacturer’s needs.

Printing on plastic products requires a flexible printing machine. The coder that prints the Expiry Date or the ‘Use Before’ date on a product is commonly known as a date printer. Control Print’s technology offers to choose the Expiry Date printer best suited to your needs.

In many cases of product packaging, it is mandatory to apply an expiry date on the labels of pre-packed, plastic packaged food and beverages, especially if the food is not packaged in tins or high vacuum blister packs. Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter is the choice of technology for printing on delicate and flexible surfaces like laminates, films, etc.

Read on to find out why Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter is an ideal choice for printing expiration dates on plastic packaging.

  • This technology utilizes a thermal print head consisting of individual ceramic resistors that are selectively heated to transfer the desired image from a coated ribbon directly onto the substrate.
  • The Thermal Transfer Overprinter’s large print areas make it a great choice for generic coding or for other applications that require printing large amounts of information.
  • With the Thermal Transfer Overprinter, the manufacturer can print all the variable information on ‘generic’ packages that contain branding and other rarely changing information.
  • Control Print’s TTO offers print resolution up to 300dpi, which ensures that high-quality prints are delivered that compliment a manufacturer’s products.
  • The icon-based interface in this technology will immediately be familiar to anyone who has used a smartphone. This prevents untrained users from accidentally causing problems.
  • The user-level control eliminates coding errors in fast-moving production lines.
  • The Thermal Transfer Overprinter also offers standard printing options like automatic date and time functions, real-time and sequential numbering, as well as printing of Datamatrix codes.
  • Control Print’s TTO is easy to set up and integrates into almost any production line, making it an excellent date printing machine for the Food and Beverage Industry.

The generic coding simplifies packaging-related storage and reduces waste, while also allowing the manufacturer to print product information. Control Print’s technology provides a highly reliable solution with minimal downtime and near-zero maintenance requirement.

Printing on plastic packaging is tricky and needs a printer that is easy to operate while also flexible. Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter checks all these boxes and acts as an ideal coding machine for printing various kinds of information. The ribbon ink is solid and transfers instantly upon printing, without making a mess. To learn more about our printing technologies, visit our website:

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