Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter is one of the easiest printers to set up, and it also integrates into almost any production line. When it comes to printing codes on fresh and frozen food packaging, not all printers can meet requirements like harsh conditions, sub-zero temperature, condensation, and varying product weights, while also maintaining strict hygiene standards.

The FMCG and Food Industries are known to have a large number of product variations. Therefore, generic-coding solutions can help frozen food units cut down costs while also reducing the need to stock different pre-printed packages. The Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers high-resolution coders that can print barcodes and product identity information directly onto generic packages.

Read on to know more about the Thermal Transfer Overprinter and the characteristics that make it suitable for the Food Industry.

  • Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter is engineered to function in low temperatures as it comes with a heater in the print head that ensures proper ink viscosity and optimal flow.
  • The inks used by this solution are specially formulated to resist condensation, freezing, thawing as well as ice forming on the top of the print.
  • It also allows integration on production lines where space is at a premium.
  • This print coding solution is also advantageous for flexible packaging.

The Thermal Transfer Overpinter also caters to the FMCG Industry. Since this Industry is highly competitive, manufacturers need to create unique and appealing packages that stand out on crowded shelves while also meeting deadlines without any typing errors. Many smart companies invest in flexible coding and marking solutions like Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Overprinter to meet these varying and ever-changing requirements.

  • Improper printing technology leads to smudged prints, especially on fast-production lines, which leave almost no time for the ink to dry. However, the Thermal Transfer Overprinter has an instant-drying printing technology that can print a large amount of information on non-porous surfaces.
  • This technology is highly reliable, and therefore, requires almost no maintenance.
  • It delivers high-quality prints with a print resolution of up to 300dpi, and it makes an excellent date printing machine.
  • In fast-moving production lines, a simple error can lead to hundreds of rejects, but the Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers user-level control that eliminates coding errors.

Control Print’s Thermal Transfer Technology utilises a thermal print head that consists of individual ceramic resistors that are selectively heated to transfer the desired image from a coated ribbon onto the surface. It is simple to operate and also suitable for intermittent operations. The Thermal Transfer Overprinter is equipped with a large touchscreen and a visual user interface, which makes it easier to operate for new users.

The standard printing options offered by this technology include text, graphics, logos, automatic time/date functions, real-time and sequential numbering along with linear and data matrix codes.

If you are looking for a printing solution in these industries, the Thermal Transfer Overprinter would make an ideal and apt choice. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us on