Some of the most important factors that determine which technology is apt for your requirements are quality, cost-effectiveness, standard hygiene, ease of use, and functionality.

At Control Print, our motto is to serve the customer according to their needs and provide the right machine and technology. An uninterrupted production line plays a vital role in making Control Print one of the most popular and reliable names amongst India’s Coding and Marking Equipment Manufacturers.

Coding and marking involve the printing of variable information on products during the manufacturing process, which includes barcodes, labels, branding, and even manufacturing batch and date codes. Go through some of our batch coding machines, in brief, to understand how they would cater to your needs.

  1. Continuous Inkjet Printer
  • The Continuous Inkjet Printer uses world-class technology and is also cost-effective.
    • With the throw distance printing feature in Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer, codes, text, batch numbers, and barcodes can be printed seamlessly on any product.
    • It is ideal for coding and marking on both flat and curved surfaces.
    • This NEO technology features an intuitive user interface that is available in all major Indian languages.
    • The Continuous Inkjet Printer can also keep up with the fastest of production lines.
  • Thermal Inkjet Printer
  • The Thermal Inkjet Printer is easy to use. The only thing that the operator needs to ensure is that there are cartridges.
  • It is widely known for its non-contact printing technology and can print at high speeds on a wide range of different packaging materials.
  • It is suitable for seasonal businesses. No matter when the production line resumes, the manufacturer will get high-quality prints.
  • With a print resolution of up to 600dpi, the Thermal Inkjet Printer delivers crisp prints, making it suitable for logos and symbols.
  • Due to its cartridge-based technology, Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printers are virtually maintenance-free, and it takes less than a minute to replace the cartridge.
  • High-Resolution Printer
  • Control Print’s High-Resolution Printer offers user-level control that eliminates coding errors in fast-moving production lines.
  • The High-Resolution Printer offers horizontal as well as vertical print head orientation.
  • This printer also includes a variety of high-contrast, fade-resistant inks.
  • Its 180dpi resolution ensures that all barcodes are machine-readable while the 2-inch height ensures that the printing and marking are easy to spot by operators at the production line.

Each printer caters to a different industry, is multi-functional, and also reliable. The sole aim at Control Print is to ensure that with these printers, manufacturers and customers have one less thing to worry about and can focus on growth and productivity instead.