Every time we hear the word resolution we often wonder what exactly does it mean in the context of printing lingo. Simply put, the resolution is nothing but the sharpness and details of the image. Higher resolution means more detailed image and lower resolution indicates less image detailing. In common parlance, the resolution is the degree to which the eye can distinguish the changing components of an image.

In technical terminology, resolution refers to a numerical measure of the clarity and sharpness of the image a device can create. This resolution can be measured in terms of pixel per inch (PPI) and dots per inch(DPI). 

In today’s scenario, every industry be it food and beverages or steel and metal, printing and coding technology is a must-have. If we consider the manufacturing set up, printing is required at every stage of an industrial process.

Some industrial printing calls for more specific and intricate information such as batch codes, MRP, QR Codes, product details etc, directly on the product as well as on the packages. Taking into consideration the printing requirements of any industry, investing in high-resolution printers will prove beneficial in the long run.

Control Prints High Resolution printers facilitate cost-cutting and leverage flexibility in the packaging line and end of line automation. This manufacturing date printing machine is ideal for printing labels and barcodes directly on shipper cartons. Control Print’s High Resolution technology is based upon Piezo Drop On-Demand technology.

Using oil-based ink this printer is specifically suitable for veritable industrial printing. This technology makes it suitable for printing across a variety of corrugated and Kraft shipper cartons. Industries involving wood and construction materials can avail the benefit of these printers too.

This single batch coding printer equipped with 180 dpi and a large printhead can be used for many applications. The High Resolution printer is ideal for barcodes, logos and many other printing requirements.

So how does investing in Control Print’s High Resolution benefit the industry? Read on to find out:

  • The High Resolution Printer boasts of 53.7mm or 72.8 mm of print heights that makes it one of the most versatile printers
  • Control Print’s High Resolution Printer gives you an excellent print quality and barcode scannability
  • This printer offers a large variety of print options including linear and Data Matrix Barcodes, Text and Graphics. Apart from this vertical and horizontal point orientation is also available at your disposal. 
  • Control Print uses a combination of mature technology, oil-based inks and fairly innovative features to every printing solution. The reliability of the technology is such that there is close to zero maintenance requirements. 
  • The High Resolution Printer delivers industry’s lowest running cost as their ink is priced at 40% below the market price. Thereby providing the best low-cost option to the industry. 

These printers can easily be incorporated across a wide range of end of line packaging applications as well as porous materials.

Apart from this, the Control Print’s technology can be operated across the country with ease and commitment to ensure that their customers have one less thing to worry about.

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