When quality and detailing are a priority, Control Print recommends going for the High-Resolution Printer, which is known to yield high-quality prints. This colour printer can produce better imagery and proves to be cost-effective as well.

These printers are especially crucial for printing dates, barcodes, and labels directly on shipper cartons and help companies to cut costs and increase packaging line flexibility. With its 382 individual nozzles in a 53.7mm swathe, this machine enables printing at 180dpi resolution making it one of the most versatile and adaptable printers.

Did you know that printing directly on a carton or surface is significantly cheaper than having a separate labelling solution? This also cuts down the steps followed in the packaging process.

These are some of the characteristics and advantages of the High-Resolution Printer:

  • Control Print’s High-Resolution Printer is an extremely reliable technology with near-zero downtime.
  • The inks used in the High-Resolution Printer are priced at 40% below the market average, and therefore the printer delivers the industry’s lowest running costs.
  • Control Print’s High-Resolution Printer is ideal for printing visible and scannable barcodes.
  • With the High-Resolution Printer, manufacturers can print variable information on “generic” packages that contain branding and other rarely changing information.
  • Combining mature technology, oil-based inks, and other innovative features, the High-Resolution Printer is a reliable solution with almost zero maintenance requirements.
  • Over time, dust and debris accumulate and clog the print head. Control Print’s High-Resolution Printer is equipped with an automatic purging feature that ejects a small amount of ink to clear the debris from the nozzles.
  • The ink used in this machine for purging is collected, filtered, and circulated back, ensuring complete ink recuperation and no ink wastage or unnecessary costs.
  • The High-Resolution Printer has a familiar, icon-based touch interface, and therefore anyone who is used to a smartphone feels instantly comfortable with the printer’s user interface.
  • Coding errors are never more than one typo away. In fast-moving production lines, a simple operator error can lead to hundreds of rejects. Control Print offers a large variety of printing options, including linear and data matrix codes, text, graphics, logos, and real-time and sequential numbering.

This machine caters to various industries like the Wood Industry, the Plywood Industry, as well as industries that require printing on carton and packaging material, to name a few. The generic coding in the High-Resolution Printer simplifies packaging-related storage and reduces waste. If you have any queries related to this bar-coding solution, reach out to us, and one of our experts would assist you in making the right choice.