The Thermal Inkjet Printer is one of the trusted choices for the manufacturers, as it is reliable, has near zero-maintenance and is breakdown-free inkjet coder. Due to its cartridge-based technology, this batch-coding machine is virtually maintenance-free. These cartridges typically contain most of the parts prone to failure, including the print head and ink system.

Did you know, In the case of printer failure, you only need to replace the cartridge to get the Thermal Inkjet Printer running again? This process takes less than a minute.

With its print resolution up to 600dpi, the thermal inkjet printer delivers high-quality prints that look crisp and also compliment display packaging.

This batch-coding machine caters to the packaging and pharmaceutical industries due to its high-resolution printing.

Read on to find out some of the qualities of Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer

  • The Thermal Inkjet printer offers cartridge-based technology that eliminates downtime and maintenance requirements.
  • With Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer, the user only needs to replace the ink cartridge with a new one to get the printer running again, a procedure that takes less than a minute.
  • This batch-coding machine is one of the most cost-effective printers with no maintenance contracts, filters or spares to buy.
  • It is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry since it can print relatively large amounts of information in a small area.
  • Since pharmaceutical labelling regulations vary widely from country to country. Control Print’s high-resolution printers enable printing of a wide variety of traceability codes for maximum regulatory compliance
  • With the Thermal Inkjet Printer, the user can print several lines of text while meeting statutory 4 or 6mm print height requirements.
  • This machine offers high-quality prints that are both human and machine-readable.
  • The user can replace printing and applying labels with a high-resolution coder like Thermal Inkjet Printer that can print the label information directly on the carton.
  • This carton coding solution will help you cut costs while increasing flexibility in the packaging stage.

The Thermal Inkjet Printer caters to the packaging and pharmaceutical industries due to its wide range of offerings. If you have any questions with regards to Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer, you can write to us and we will get back to you at the earliest.

At Control Print, our representatives tailor their purchase advice based on your needs as a customer. We are committed to ensuring that with Control Print, the customer will have one less thing to worry about!

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