The distribution and inventory industry is a fast-growing industry and has to deal with supply chain and logistics as well as manage inventory control. Apart from this, warehousing is also one of the functions they have to overlook. 

The prospect for today’s retailers and wholesale distributors remains challenging especially during this pandemic. To overcome these hurdles many wholesale distributors are leveraging emerging technologies and are keen on the development of an integrated supply chain strategy to attain operational excellence and differentiation in the market. 

To ensure the reliability of traceability systems, it is important to incorporate a marking and coding system that can improve the supply chain and logistics. It is possible to comprehensively manage the value chain by issuing and managing IDs using traceability printing services and by attaching IDs to products and reading barcodes and IC tags at distribution centres, and retail stores. This ought to facilitate advanced traceability as well as inventory management and further improve the safety and reliability of distribution channels. 

Choosing the best method for labelling and coding is always prudent as it plays a crucial role. Labelling and coding in the dispatch line have a considerable influence on the efficiency of logistics processes. It can help you save operating costs, reduce returns and improve customer service. If the manufacturer label’s the shipping goods correctly, the printer can deliver faster and more reliably; as a result, the business remains competitive. 

Control Print Limited offers coding and marking solutions that can build traceability as a printing system related to printing and display such as product ID, serial number, identification number and much more. 

Control Print’s High-Resolution printer helps companies dealing with distribution and inventory, cut costs and increase packaging line flexibility and end of line automation. This inkjet coding technology is ideal for printing labels and barcodes directly on shipper cartons. Let’s go through the High-Resolution printer’s specifications 

Piezo Drop On-Demand Technology 

● Piezo drop-on-demand technology used by Control Print’s HP printhead has a natively high resolution consisting of 382 individual nozzles in 53.7mm print swathes. 

● The culmination of long-lasting Piezo on-demand printhead and oil-based ink, which doesn’t dry within printhead leads to unparalleled reliability in the production line. 

High-Quality Resolution 

● With the High-Resolution technology, the maximum print resolution which can be achieved is 180dpi. 

● Standard printing functions like linear barcode, data matrix barcode, automatic date and time function, numbering, graphics, logos, etc. can be done easily with the High-Resolution printers. 

Interactive User Interface 

● Control Print’s High-Resolution printer is equipped with a large 12 inches solvent resistant touchscreen display with a built-in WYSIWYG graphic interface. 

● The technology is embedded with windows software to give it a familiar feel.

The distribution and inventory industry undertakes the task of overseeing the movement of goods from supplier or manufacturer to point of sale, this includes numerous activities and processes such as packaging, inventory, warehousing, supply chain, and logistics. 

Control Print Limited offers a complete range of industrial marking and labelling systems. Their industrial marking system has been designed to enable promptly marking and serialising individual products on an uninterrupted packaging line. With High-Resolution’s efficient industrial marking systems, one can track and trace the products in the supply chain and comply with all the latest regulations and recommendations.

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