Coding and marking in the construction industry is one of the most important processes. It not only helps in product identification but also aids in traceability once the product goes on site. The most appropriate coding technique for this depends on the production method and the composition of materials. 

Given its many materials and manufacturing methods, it is crucial to be able to provide the construction industry with a complete assortment of coding techniques. This includes making it possible for all printers to print directly from a PC. The construction sector usually requires high-quality printing that is permanent and able to withstand some pretty abrasive handling. Normally, manufacturing dates, times, batch numbers, bar-codes, product identification, and logos are required in this sector. 

Control Print is the leading manufacturer of various coding and marking equipment, each of their

products have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh environment of Indian factories. They have specific technologies designed for specific requirements and applications. 

Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet printers offer versatile, proven solutions for date coding, batch numbering, and product identification on a variety of construction products, including Metals, Glass, plastics, roofing tiles, etc. 

The inkjet coding printers can be used in dusty or wet production environments, can print all kinds of data, and use a variety of inks. 

Read on the product specification about the Coding and Marking Solution offered by the Thermal Inkjet printer. 

Low Maintenance Cost and High Dependability 

● Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet printers use an ink cartridge system, that is maintenance-free. 

● If there is a problem, simply switching out the ink cartridge for another often fixes the issue easily and within seconds. 

● With Thermal Inkjet printers you can experience high-quality printing for years without maintenance.

● This inkjet coder gives you a lower overall cost of ownership as well. 

● Thermal Inkjet printers can easily fit in your production line without disrupting your smooth-running operations. 

● They can be integrated into the line, set up on a bench, or even mounted on a wall. 

Versatility in Printing 

● Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet printers can be used on all porous and some non-porous surfaces. 

● It works with ease on not only porous substrates such as paper, cardboard, etc. but on certain non-porous substrates used in building materials industries such as plastic, wood, metals, etc., and certain semi-porous substrates such as concrete, plaster, etc. 

Superior Print Quality 

● With a print resolution of up to 600dpi, this inkjet coder for batch printing gives superior quality printing that enhances the product quality.

● Capable of printing full alphanumeric and special symbols 

Fast Drying 

● The fast-drying solvent ink used in Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet printers is ideal for certain non-porous materials. 

● It comes in Aqueous ink with multiple ink color options. 

The disposable ink cartridge system of Thermal Inkjet printers allows the user to find the best possible ink solution to fit their unique products. 

Minimal User Training 

● No specific training is required to operate it. 

● Thermal Inkjet printers are user-friendly. 

● Moreover, it’s equipped with a user interface and large touchscreen that aids smooth printing solutions. 

With these features, the batch coding machine is extremely easy to integrate into most production lines. For this and many more printing solutions, you may visit their website at and understand the specifications for the same.