High resolution coding is essential for fulfilling the regulatory compliance measures related to coding and the traceability of codes in the pharmaceutical and medical device packaging industry. With a print resolution of up to 600 dpi and 99.9% uptime, Control Print Thermal Inkjet Printers deliver high quality prints directly on the packaging substrate and is the preferred and ideal solution for printing batch codes, variable data, 2D matrix codes and QR codes in the pharmaceutical industry. 

The Thermal Inkjet Printer is a cartridge-based system which has its own print-head and ink system. Each time the cartridge is replaced, a fresh print-head and ink system is in use. It is a non-contact printer that uses heat and surface movement for printing specific data and codes on the package surface. This innovative system helps in decreasing downtime, increasing efficiency, is highly cost effective and is within budget. As Printing 2D codes and QR codes is the need of the hour, the Thermal Inkjet Printer produces the print at an exceptional speed along with outstanding adhesion.

Apart from all these features , the printer is virtually maintenance-free with a large touchscreen interface which is easy-to-use for semi-skilled labourers. It is a snap-in-snap-out cartridge replacement technology which ensures that the printer is up and ready to use within 30 seconds, which makes it fast and easy-to-use. Along with the Cartridge Technology, it also has a user-level control technology that eliminates a vast majority of coding errors. In the unlikely circumstance of a printer failure, the only thing that needs to be replaced is the cartridge. It is also packed with an in-built product sensor to make installation and line integration easier while also reducing costs.

The Thermal Inkjet Printer delivers the enhanced clarity, serialization, and traceability required at just the push of a button. It has been designed for seamless system integration along with a flexible web interface and an advanced communication protocol. 

Control Print’s Thermal Inkjet Printer is highly recommended for the Pharmaceutical Industry as it enables 1-5 lines of text printing, automatic date and time,  Linear Barcodes, Data Matrix Codes, QR Codes, Graphics and Logos, Serialization, GS1 Data Matrix Barcodes and Real time printing. The TIJ printer prints smoothly on a variety of surfaces like blisters, flat packaging, mono cartons, shipper cartons, labels, skillets, wrappers, and shelf-ready packaging. 

The Thermal Inkjet Printer also has a Counterfeit prevention option like random check of alphanumeric Serialization of each and every product which is very important for the Pharmaceutical industry to prevent duplication.

Depending on your requirement, Control Print has a variety of printing resolutions available from 300 x 600 dpi to 300 x 75 dpi for an optimal balance between print quality and running cost.