Printing labels and other coding details on a bottle can prove to be a tedious task and not all printers available can perform it. The precision and clarity required for this are of top-quality only. At Control Print, we boast of CPL NEO that can ease all the struggle and be an apt solution for bottling plants.

One of the most common coding and marking challenges faced by bottling plants is that the build-up of condensation causes problems with the ink adhesions as the ink does not stick to the surface properly. Another challenge faced by bottling plants when printing on PET bottles is that the manufacturers must meet government-stipulated height requirements while also keeping operational costs under control.

Using world-class technology, the Continuous Inkjet Printer (CPL NEO) is a versatile and cost-effective coding and marking solution. Control Print offers cost-competitive pricing solution that keeps coding and marking costs low for long runs of low-margin products.

Some of the key advantages that Control Print’s Inkjet coding and marking machine provides are as follows:

–      Fully waterproof machines that can be hosed during a line wash down without damaging the equipment.

–      Boasts of an automated nozzle cleaning and automated shutdown procedures reduce maintenance requirements and keep the printers running reliably.

–      Whether the manufacturer needs to print from the bottom up or on curved surfaced, Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer’s 20mm throw distance ensures a bold code.

–      Produces a high-quality code even on highly curved surfaces and allows more flexibility inline integration.

–      The printers are easy to use and maintain, there is very little room for complicated or expensive coding and marking solutions. 

–      From standard black to specialized inks, regardless of the requirement, Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet printer gets the work done and is suitable for edible products.

With high-speed solutions and low operating costs, the CPL NEO also assists in improving sales and boost brand awareness by printing in language that people are comfortable with. Investing in this coding and marking machine also ensures that the business is future-proofed against any regulatory changes.

Another key advantage of the CPL NEO Inkjet Coder is that it has an in-build battery that ensures proper shut down in a power outage and smooth startup the next time.

Control Print has developed an innovative nozzle shutter that perfectly seals the nozzle during shutdown and prevents ink drying. Thus you are assured of smooth printer startup and shutdown with minimal print-head cleaning required. With a compact footprint and the smallest print-head in the industry, Inkjet batch coding machine is easy to integrate even in tight spaces. If you are looking for a solution to purchase a coding machine for bottling plants, Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer (CPL NEO) must be the one you pick for smooth functioning.