Export and shipping business requires the use of cartons or cardboard boxes which must be marked with precision. This is primarily required to trace the product which plays a crucial role during the import and export of these cartons. 

The coding and marking solutions requirements for export business are different compared to that of the local ones. Exporters are required to follow certain guidelines laid down by the international authorities. In addition to this, the printing on the shipper cartons must be waterproof and highly legible. The printed language must be of the destination country to which it is being exported.

Control Print’s High-resolution technology-based printers are designed to print on cardboard boxes or corrugate with accurate, high quality, real-time alphanumeric codes, bar codes and graphics. It’s based upon piezo drop on demand inkjet technology. It uses oil-based ink which is suitable for variable printing and can be incorporated directly on the production line. This technology is suitable for printing across all varieties of corrugated and shipper cartons. 

Read on to go through the specifications of the High-Resolution Printer: 

Best In-Line For Quality Printing And Capabilities 

  • Control Print’s High-Resolution Technology-based batch code printing machine provides high quality in terms of print resolution. 
  • The maximum print resolution this technology can achieve is 180dpi. 
  • Apart from this, the High-Resolution Printer consists of 382 individual nozzles which enable 53.7mm print swathe per printhead. 

Easy To Use Innovative Functionality

  • Control Prints High-Resolution printers come equipped with a large user-friendly, solvent resistant touchscreen display. 
  • With the 12 inches display unit, the batch coder has a WYSIWYG graphics interface along with built-in software that is easy to use and requires minimal operational training. 
  • The user profiles on this batch code printing machine can be created and managed with multiple level access. 

Zero Uptime And Maintenance 

  • This printing solution requires no cleaning of printhead, filter replacement or any other maintenance. 
  • The High-Resolution Printer reduces in between wastage of time as it requires no startup or shutdown or long shutdown hours. 
  • Piezo drop-on-demand technology provides long-lasting printhead life. The High-Resolution Printer ensures long periods of smooth running of the machine without any glitches. 
  • This High-Resolution technology printers ensure minimal wastage of ink as it has automatic purging and priming with full ink recuperation. 
  • Control Print’s High-Resolution Printer has a high ink tank capacity which doesn’t require filling of ink for a long period. 

Complete Flexibility In Operation 

  • High-resolution printers are easy to set up and can be integrated into any packaging production line. 
  • Control Print’s technology can be easily controlled through any windows based PC for remote control of printers. 

Large Variety Of Printing Options 

  • If the manufacturer’s requirements are linear or DataMatrix barcode, text, graphics and logos, real-time and sequential numbering it can be easily done through Control Prints High-resolution printers.

High-Resolution printing technology is brought to you by India’s very own Control Print Limited, a company that has more than 30 years of experience in industrial marking and coding solutions. 

Their unmatched expertise is visible in all their printers, including the HR printers which is suitable for shipping cartons.

 For further details regarding their other products, you may visit the website at controlprint.com