For any marking and coding solutions to be viable in the industry, the most important element is traceability. In the industry dealing with electrical equipment and electronic products, parts such as printed circuit boards, microcontrollers, light sources, connectors, glass fibres, displays and cables often need to be marked and coded to eliminate the chances of product piracy. 

This also aids in compliance with regulations and enables traceability throughout the supply chain. 

The electrical parts are often dark in colour, an additional challenge is to ensure that codes are legible, even though extremely small font sizes are necessary on smaller products.  

Control Print’s NEO, which is based on Continuous Inkjet Technology, is ideal for the electrical equipment manufacturing company’s marking and coding solutions. 

Read on to know why this Inkjet coder is the ideal solution for marking the electrical industry’s products. 

Capabilities Par Excellence 

● Control Print’s NEO Continuous Inkjet Printers encode products with minimal font heights of up to 0.8 mm. 

● The NEO is equipped with the smallest printhead size for line integration even in the tightest spaces that enable the manufacturers to print batch numbers, barcodes and other information on the smallest electronic components and devices. 

Use Of Wide Range Of Inks 

● Contrasting inks can be used to ensure markings stand out legibly from any surface colour. 

● Control Print’s NEO can handle high-performance inks including heavily pigmented inks to be used for added durability. 

Versatility in operation 

● This Inkjet Coder is perfect for marking and coding onto all materials used for electronic parts, including coated, alloyed or painted metals, plastics, cables and wires as well as cardboard packaging. 

● You can rely on Control Print’s technology for excellent performance even in the harshest, dustiest and high humidity environments. 

Rugged Build 

Continuous Inkjet Printer is made of a complete stainless steel body, built to last  

● It has IP65 class which means it offers complete protection against particles and a good level of protection against water. 

● The printhead is made of high-quality components to maximise impact resistance and prevent potential damage to the printhead.

Most Simple Design For Easy Operations 

● NEO has a large user-friendly 10.4 inches touchscreen display unit. 

● Control Print’s Continuous Inkjet Printer has an interactive, WYSIWYG graphical interface. 

● This Batch Coder is so easy to use that no additional cost has to be incurred for training the operators. 

Zero Maintenance 

● With a built-in clean nozzle function, this technology doesn’t waste time and money on maintaining it. 

● The UPS is not required for NEO as built-in battery backup ensures proper shutdown even in case of power failure. 

Control Print offers a specific solution that provides the lowest total cost per print and total cost of investment. Marking and coding solutions of the highest quality can be achieved with the Continuous Inkjet Technology to print on plastic coatings, ceramics, coated alloys or painted metal, circuits and electronic chips. 
Along with interactive software to minimize the risk of user error, this technology provides the flexibility and efficiency needed for the electrical equipment industry. Control Print’s Solution is the ideal choice for any industrial marking!