Beverages Industry

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Our advantages in beverages industry include
IP65 rated construction

Fully waterproof machines that can be hosed during a line wash down. Positive air pressure inside the machines prevents outside air and dust from entering and contaminating the ink stream.

Widest range of inks in India

From standard black to specialized inks, regardless of the substrate or requirements, we have an ink that gets the job done.

Widest range of printing solutions in India

To find the most cost-effective solution for your printing requirements.

Easy to use, for people of all skill levels

All our machines are equipped with a large touchscreen and an intuitive, graphical user interface. The interface supports English and the major Indian languages, making operations easier for workers who don’t understand English. These features allow new users to learn the machine quickly and drastically reduce the time required to train new operators.

Reliability and low maintenance requirements

Automated nozzle cleaning, easy to understand error diagnostics, and automated shutdown procedures reduce maintenance requirements and keep the printers running reliably.

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